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Have you ever wondered which apples are the sweetest as you are wandering through the fruit counter? Me too. Most varieties you can find in the supermarket taste incredibly sweet, but some will greet your taste buds with an unexpected tartness.

Therefore, it’s complicated to determine how sweet an apple is unless you try it. Well, don’t worry, as this post is here to help you out. Apart from learning about their sweetness, this post also gives you deeper insights into their origin, appearance, and availability.

Are you ready to walk through an apple orchard? Let’s go! 

Red Apples
Apple is a lovely fruit with an impeccable sweetness you cannot resist

38 Kinds Of Sweet Apples, Ranked In A Descending Order

There are thirty apple varieties in the list I’ve rounded up below, ranked from the sweetest to somewhat sweet. The order will slightly change based on different preferences, but you can be sure that they are all deliciously sweet.

Sweeter Than Honey

  1. Fuji Apples
  2. Kiku Apples
  3. Ambrosia Apples
  4. McIntosh Apples
  5. Gala Apples
  6. Honeycrisp Apples

Sweet And Intense

  1. SweeTango Apples
  2. Envy Apples
  3. Sweetie Apples
  4. Jazz Apples
  5. Kanzi Apples
  6. Golden Delicious Apples
  7. Jonagold Apples
  8. Pinata Apples
  9. Pink Lady Apples

Sweet And Mild

  1. Crispin Apples
  2. Opal Apples
  3. Macoun Apples
  4. SugarBee Apples
  5. Winter Banana Apples
  6. Cox’s Orange Pippin Apples
  7. Snow Apples
  8. Red Delicious Apples
  9. Cameo Apples

Sweet And Slightly Tart

  1. Ginger Gold Apples
  2. Spencer Apples
  3. SnowSweet Apples
  4. Autumn Glory Apples
  5. Cosmic Crisp Apples
  6. EverCrisp Apples
  7. Pixie Crunch Apples

Sweet And Tart

  1. Pacific Rose Apples
  2. Hudson’s Golden Gem Apples
  3. Braeburn Apples
  4. Idared Apples
  5. Jonathan Apples
  6. Empire Apples
  7. Modi Apples

Hold on tight! The adventure to apple sweetness will begin shortly!

A (Sweet) Apple A Day Keeps The Doctor Away

Let’s be real, who doesn’t like apples? These superfruits feature red skin (some varieties come in shades of yellow or green) and juicy, tender flesh. The taste can range from very sweet to very tart, sometimes with aromatic essences of flowers or berries.

With such flavors, it is little wonder to see apples being produced and consumed on a large scale. They can be used to make pie fillings, lend a sweet character to meat dishes, or give a nice crunch to your healthy bowl of salad. The applications are endless.

Apples are sought-after not just because of their flavor but also for the health benefits people can derive from them. They are rich in antioxidants and wholesome nutrients like vitamins and fiber. Plus, they can aid weight loss, prevent cancer, and fight asthma.

That said, if you haven’t eaten an apple for a while, stop by your local supermarket now! 

The Sweetest Apples To End Your Cravings In An Instant

As you pass by the fruit counter, you may feel overwhelmed with the whopping amount of apple varieties being offered. However, what you see is only grain in the desert. There are roughly 30,000 varieties of apples in the world, and you may never meet all of them.

So, back to your concern: which apples are sweet and which are not? Keep scrolling and find out the answer.

Apple Varieties That Are Even Sweeter Than Honey

The following apple varieties are incredibly sweet, and I mean it. They will burst inside your mouth with a lovely stream of sweet juice, and there’s no running away from it. Scroll down and let your sweet tooth be satisfied!

1. Fuji Apples

Fuji Apple
The sweetness of Fuji apples is honestly unmatched

Fuji apples are a fruit native to Japan, Fujisaki, to be precise. They are now cultivated worldwide. They are deemed the sweetest variety and often incorporated into baked goods since they retain their shapes well. Your sweet tooth will certainly be satiated.

Ripening timeMid September

Achieve your body goal with ease thanks to this Fuji apple salad

Watch this video: How To Make Fuji Apple Salad With Chicken

2. Kiku Apples

Red Yellow Apples
Kiku is another sweet apple variety coming from the Land of the Rising Sun

Kiku is a sport of Fuji discovered by chance, thanks to Luis Braun. The sweetness is second to none compared to Fuji, but this variety has a somewhat more attractive look. You will see Kiku apples sometimes being labeled as “Red Fuji.”

Ripening timeYear-round

3. Ambrosia Apples

Apple Ambrosia
Ambrosia apples, the fruits dedicated to the gods

Originating in Canada by the Mennells, this variety is genuinely ambrosia, which means “the food of the gods.” Although not as popular as the Fuji variety, it has the potential to be so thanks to its pronounced floral sweetness.

Ripening timeLate September – early October
UseEating, cooking, salad

4. McIntosh Apples

Red Mcintosh Apples
These apples are named after John McIntosh, the farmer who discovered them

Like other kinds of apples, McIntosh is packed with numerous vitamins and pectin, which benefits your gut and heart health. The flesh can be pretty firm when harvested, yet it softens over time and is ready to cook into some lip-smacking sauces.

Ripening timeEarly September
UseEating, cooking

5. Gala Apples

Gala Apple
Nothing makes applesauce better than some fresh Gala apples

With unmistakable red-orange skin with thin yellow stripes, Gala apples will compel your attention while you are looking for the sweetest apple variety. Despite having a subtle touch of tartness, this variety is still among one of the sweetest you can find on the market.

OriginNew Zealand
Ripening timeLate August – early September

Intensely Sweet Apple Varieties You Don’t Want To Miss

From Honeycrisp, Sweetie to Golden Delicious, there are plenty of choices to spice up your vanilla life!

6. Honeycrisp Apples

Organic Honeycrisp Apples
Satiate your sweet tooth with some Honeycrisp apples

As per the name, you can somehow guess how Honeycrisp apples taste. They have a taste like honey, which is perfectly balanced against a tartness that can tingle your senses. These apples are available only in September, so you’d better act fast!

Ripening timeLate August – early September

7. SweeTango Apples

Sweetango Apples
Make any dessert with SweeTango apples, which has a perfect sweet-tart flavor 

SweeTango apples are destined to shine in any sweet treats using fruits you want to make. Or you can chop them up, toss them over a bed of greens, or pile them on a quinoa bowl. Perhaps they are best for an old-fashioned apple crisp with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

Ripening timeMid August – early September
UseEating, cooking, salad

8. Envy Apples

Envy Apples
People are green with envy when they see you have a basket of envy apples

Envy apples are believed to be the best when eating out of hand, but you can also involve them in your baking treats. The New Zealand hybrid has juicy flesh that tastes surprisingly sweet with lovely floral undertones.

OriginNew Zealand
Ripening timeMay – August
UseEating, cooking, salad

Dive into the holiday season with this Envy apple cinnamon marshmallows. You can see this video to know more:

Watch this video: Apple Cinnamon Marshmallows - Home & Family

9. Sweetie Apples

The name of this variety is self-explanatory: it tastes rich and sweet, but it won’t last long on your palate. However, these apples are still regarded as the sweetest and tastiest and available in many local supermarkets during early fall and winter.

OriginNew Zealand
Ripening timeSeptember – October
UseEating, salad

10. Jazz Apples

Jazz Apples
Jazz apples, an ideal choice for your favorite baking recipes 

Like Sweetie apples, Jazz apples are a delightful mix between Royal Gala and Braeburn varieties. They have a crispy texture and a wonderful sweetness resembling a pear. With this variety, you can make a delicious apple pie without much effort.

OriginNew Zealand
Ripening timeLate November – March

11. Kanzi Apples

Kanzi Apples
Kanzi apples are a decent source of fiber

This variety is a sibling to Jazz, so you can expect its flavor profile to be somewhat similar. Kanzi apples have a sweet taste, balanced by a delicious tartness, and quench your thirst with their super juicy flesh. 

Ripening timeJanuary – September

12. Golden Delicious Apples

Golden Delicious Apple
As per the name, these apples are genuinely delicious

Nothing can beat a bushel of freshly picked Golden Delicious apples. This apple variety has your attention with its vibrant yellow skin, but the real surprise lies within its juicy flesh. As soon as your teeth go through it, you will be greeted with incredible sweetness.

VarietyGolden Delicious
OriginClay County
Ripening timeAugust – July

13. Jonagold Apples

Red Jonagold Apples
Jonagold apples are a cross between Jonathan and Golden Delicious

Love stuffed apples? Here’s the good news: Jonagold apples are putting themselves forward as candidates. They can be hollowed out and filled with whatever you like, from oats, vanilla ice cream, to fall seasonings like cinnamon and brown sugar.

OriginNew York
Ripening timeOctober – July

14. Pinata Apples

Pinata Apples
Being a result of three heirloom varieties makes Pinata apples truly unique

Pinata apples have never ceased to amaze gourmet lovers. They are downright juicy, with a tropical twist that takes your dishes to the whole new level. They are out of season for three months only (August to October), so you can enjoy them almost anytime of the year.

Ripening timeEarly April – May
UseCooking, salad

15. Pink Lady Apples

Pink Lady Apples
Pink Lady apples may be expensive, but they are worth every penny

You will love to crunch a Pink Lady apple out of hand, but some think it tastes best in baking goods and pureed soup. Whatever you make, I can tell that you will be delighted with the result since these apples are known for an effervescent finish.

VarietyPink Lady
Ripening timeMid October

Mildly Sweet Apples That Keep You Entertained In Endless Ways

Either you want a light snack or a filling dessert, these apples will suit your needs. They just don’t know how to fail!

16. Crispin Apples

Mutsu Apples
Let a mouthful of sweet juice from Crispin apples refresh your senses

Crispin apples also go by the name Mutsu sometimes and are easily recognized with their bright green skin. It is a marriage between Golden Delicious and Indo, resulting in a sweet flavor that keeps you coming back for more.

Ripening timeLate September – early October
UseEating, cooking, salad

17. Opal Apples

Opal Apples
The Opal variety is famous for their bright yellow hue

With their trademark yellow skin, it’s not too tricky to tell Opal apples from others. They are grown in various European orchards and were introduced to America in 2010. Since hitting the shelf, these succulent fruits have captured people’s hearts with a fantastic sweetness.

OriginCzech Republic
Ripening timeNovember – March

18. Macoun Apples

Macoun Apples
Stock up your cupboard with some fresh Macoun apples

Macoun apples stand out from the rest with their sweet flavor and berry nuances. With such complex flavors, they are a top-notch choice for a classic apple pie. You can also chop them into bite-size pieces and give them a fall makeover with a pinch of cinnamon.

OriginNew York
Ripening timeSeptember
UseEating, salad, sauce

19. SugarBee Apples

SugarBee apples can be used in numerous ways. They can be enjoyed as a snack, pressed into cider, or paired with cheese. This variety was discovered by Chuck Nystrom in 1990 and has since changed its life forever.    

Ripening timeLate September
UseEating, cooking, salad

20. Winter Banana Apples

Apples Winter Banana
A heirloom apple variety that tastes like banana – it’s Winter Banana

As regards the name, you can have a rough guess of how these apples taste. They will give you the feels of a ripe banana or pineapple, but overall still sweet and go easy on your taste buds. Thanks to their firmness, they hold up pretty well to baking.

VarietyWinter Banana
Ripening timeLate fall – early spring

21. Cox’s Orange Pippin Apples

Coxs Orange Pippin Apple
When fully ripe, Cox’s Orange Pippin apples will deliver a crisp sweetness

Cox’s Orange Pippin apples was born in 1825 and has since been revered for its sweetness. Like Winter Banana, this variety has a firm texture perfect for baked desserts as well as jam, compotes, or applesauce. 

VarietyCox’s Orange Pippin
Ripening timeMid/late September (England)
Late February – early March (New Zealand)
UseEating, cooking, sauce

22. Snow Apples

Also known as Fameuse apples, these fruits have a snow-white flesh and sweetness that’s unmatched by any other variety. The heirloom specialty is harvested during September and can be stored for up to two months in the fridge.

Ripening timeMid/late fall

23. Red Delicious Apples

Apples Variety Red Delicious
Enjoy Red Delicious apples with your favorite salad for a healthy snack    

Despite sharing a pretty similar name, there’s a world of difference between Red Delicious and Golden Delicious. The red variety has a more delicate taste but is still sweet overall and has similar cooking applications as its counterpart.  

VarietyRed Delicious
Ripening timeAugust – July
UseEating, salad

24. Cameo Apples

Cameo Apples
The rising stars of your favorite tart, Cameo apples

Despite the name, this apple cultivar will become the main star in many of your decadent apple desserts and even savory dishes due to its sweet-tart flavor. It’s a harmonious mix between Red Delicious and Golden Delicious. In other words, it’s twice as delicious!

Ripening timeMid fall
UseCooking, salad

Sweet Apples That Come With A Hint Of Tartness

If sweetness is not your cup of tea, try these varieties. They will take you aback with a pleasant tartness you can’t forget.

25. Ginger Gold Apples

Ginger Gold Apples
Ginger Gold is closely related to Golden Delicious

Ginger Gold inherits many strong suits from Golden Delicious. The variety obtains the same gorgeous yellow hue from its antecedent but tastes slightly sharper. Overall, it is still a great option for those craving something sweet.

VarietyGinger Gold
Ripening timeMid August

Ginger Gold is genuinely one of the best apple varieties of August. You can see this video to know more:

Watch this video: Ginger Gold Apples - Bite Size

26. Spencer Apples

Spencer apples strike a perfect balance between sweetness and acidity. The variety can be paired with aged cheese for an interesting flavor contrast or eaten fresh. When fall is around the corner, you know Spencer apples are about to arrive in abundance.  

Ripening timeEarly October
UseEating, cooking, sauce

27. SnowSweet Apples

What happens when you combine Sharon and Connell Red? You get SnowSweet, a variety with velvety flesh intertwined with a sweet-tart flavor that sends taste buds to heaven. These apples are ideal for fresh preparation since they resist browning well.

Ripening timeMid/late September

28. Autumn Glory Apples

Autumn Glory Apples
Relish the sweetness of your dreams with Autumn Glory

Autumn Glory apples hit all the right autumnal notes: they are incredibly sweet, infused with hints of cinnamon and caramel. This variety is ideal for making applesauce, but some claim that it tastes even miles better when served over a bed of greens and pecans.  

VarietyAutumn Glory
Ripening timeMid/late October
UseEating, cooking

29. Cosmic Crisp Apples

Your desserts will become a show-stopper once Cosmic Crisp apples are involved. Being a hybrid of Honeycrisp and Enterprise, it’s no wonder they have such a mesmerizing taste. To unlock their full potential, consider using them for cooking and baking. 

VarietyCosmic Crisp
Ripening timeNovember
UseEating, cooking

30. EverCrisp Apples

These apples whet your appetite with a powerful crunch, hence the name EverCrisp. With a look closely resembling Fuji and a flavor profile likened to Honeycrisp, this newly developed variety is sure to become a sensation during the holiday season.  

Ripening timeMid/late October

31. Pixie Crunch Apples

Really, you will swoon with delight once you take a bite of these delicious apples. They are developed in England and hit their peak around the beginning of September. With crunchy goodness and a sweet, slightly tart flavor, it’s not easy to say no to them.

VarietyPixie Crunch
Ripening timeEarly September

Apple Varieties With An Intricate Blend Of Sweetness And Acidity

Can’t decide whether you are more of a sweet or sour person? Sit back and let Jonathan, Idared, and Empire spoil you with their vibrant, juicy flavors.

32. Pacific Rose Apples

Pacific Rose used to be criminally underrated, but the good news is that it’s getting more popular in many states of America. The New Zealand-based variety is well-known for its rosy red hue that comes with a satisfying crunch. Indeed, it tastes sweet.  

VarietyPacific Rose
OriginNew Zealand
Ripening timeNovember – April
UseEating, salad, sauce

33. Hudson’s Golden Gem Apples

To some people, this variety does not give an impression of an apple with that conical shape. Despite that, Hudson’s Golden Gem is still a favored choice owing to its unique flavor: sweet and juicy, leaving a nutty aftertaste. 

VarietyHudson’s Golden Gem
Ripening timeLate September

34. Braeburn Apples

Braeburn Apples
Braeburn apples are globally consumed, with Chile being the largest producer

Braeburn is a commonly used parent for modern breeding. With a sweet-tart flavor bursting in every bite, the cultivar has gained massive popularity and is a go-to option for cakes and tarts. My mouth’s drooling already.

OriginNew Zealand
Ripening timeMid October

Excuse your guests if they drool when these caramelized apples are served. You can see this video to know more:

Watch this video: Caramelised Apples

35. Idared Apples

Idared Apple
With its glamorous red hue, Idared apples know how to attract people’s attention

Here goes another tasty, high-quality variety originating in Idaho, hence the prefix “Ida.” Despite being not as sweet as Fuji or Gala, Idared still remains popular since its shelf life is remarkable. These red apples can retain their freshness for about six months. 

Ripening timeLate September – early October
UseEating, cooking

36. Jonathan Apples

Jonathan Apples
Jonathan is one of the best multi-purpose apple variety you can find

Although the sweetness is too potent, Jonathan apples are still deeply appreciated for their versatility. They are medium-sized, have a rather thin skin covering a juicy flesh, and cook up perfectly. Like other varieties, they can stay fresh for about six months in the fridge.

OriginNew York
Ripening timeMid September
UseEating, baking

37. Empire Apples

Empire Apples
Another all-purpose variety you can opt for is Empire

With a nice sweet-tart flavor and crunch, Empire apples are on a league of their own. They were developed in Geneva, 1945 at the Agricultural Experiment Station. Steadily, they have made it to the chart of top ten most-favorite American apples.

OriginNew York
Ripening timeLate September

38. Modi Apples

Modi Apples
Modi apples have never failed to impress

Packed with luscious flavors and essential nutrients, Modi apples are an excellent choice for a quick snack, but they are also welcome in baked and roast dishes. The variety is relatively new: it was created in the 2000s and brought to the United States 14 years later.

Ripening timeMid March
UseEating, cooking, salad


Did apples plunge you into total confusion? If so, don’t skip the following section, where your questions will be clearly answered. 

Are Granny Smith Apples Sweet?

Although Granny Smith is among the most popular apple varieties, it is not sweet at all. The green apples are characterized by a mouth-puckering tartness that is dampened when cooked.

Which Sweet Apples Are Available Year-Round?

Apples are a seasonal fruit, so you may not always find your favorite variety in stock. Yet, if you love Gala, Red Delicious, or Golden Delicious, you will be glad to know that they are up for grabs all year round.

Can I Use Red Delicious for Baking?

Red Delicious apples may not be an ideal choice for baking, as they have low acidity. When in the oven, the starches will break down, resulting in a softer, somewhat mushy texture. Most apples at the top of the list above are fairly low in acid.

Can I Freeze Gala Apples?

Yes, you can. You can freeze most varieties listed above to maintain their freshness. Here is how you will do it:

  • Cut the apples into slices or bite-size bits
  • Line a piece of parchment paper on a tray
  • Place the apple pieces on the tray. Don’t let them touch each other.
  • Put the tray into your freezer. The ideal temperature should be around 28 degrees F.

Freezing apples will help extend their longevity as well as retain their flavor and nutrients.

Is It True That Apples in Green or Yellow Are Usually Not Sweet?

It is true in most cases. The tartness of an apple is caused by malic acid, which accounts for 94% of the fruit’s acid content. The amount will vary depending on the variety you choose, but typically, green apples are sour.

What Are Some Overall Good Apples That Can Cook up and Freeze Well?

There are many apples given in the list that can give you the best of both worlds:

  • Golden Delicious
  • Ambrosia
  • Jazz
  • Braeburn
  • Pink Lady

These varieties can impart their sweetness to an array of sauces, baked goods, salads, and pastries since they can hold their shapes well. They also freeze up beautifully and can stay fresh for a few months.

Which Apples Do Not Brown Quickly?

Some apples are less susceptible to browning than others. In other words, they stay fresh in your lunchbox for longer. Varieties like Gala, SnowSweet, and Cameo are my suggestions. If you want to slow down the process, coat the apple slices in sugar or syrup.

A Classic Trick To Take Out The Tart  

So, which apples are the sweetest, in your opinion? After this post, I’m positive that you may come up with more than just one answer. Before this post reaches the end, I will show you this hack to give your apples a sweet treatment should they taste too acidic.

You will slice the apples, then scatter a pinch of salt on them. Yes, salt does not entirely bring out the natural sweetness in apples, but instead, it plays with your taste perception, making the taste go easier on your tongue.

Did I happen to miss any sweet apple variety in this list? If so, don’t be shy and comment below to let me and other readers know. As always, tips and tricks for cooking with apples are also welcome. I can’t thank you enough.

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