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Indeed, cooking is something that can bring people together. Who doesn’t love delicious dishes, right? With these selected recipes, we offer a huge array of homemade ideas that inspire you to be a better cook.

Besides recipes, you can also find some culinary advice and product reviews to make cooking easier and faster. No matter where you are, we can be your best kitchen buddy!

Our Story, Missions, And Goals

We understand that store-bought food might not taste as good as homemade ones, so we created this website in order to show you the best cooking recipes and tips.

Our team, including kitchen professionals, recipe developers/writers, photographers, etc., has continuously tried our best to provide you with the most trusted information to enhance the quality of your daily meals. And, of course, in simple and affordable ways.

You can also find some fancy ideas to celebrate occasions or throw parties. What’s better, they are not only about American cuisine. If you want to impress your Asian friends with some Asian recipes, we’ve got you back!

Plus, choosing the right kitchen appliances is crucial to ease your tasks, from preparation to the cooking process. It normally takes time to evaluate before making a purchasing decision.

But you can rest assured! We have researched and tested several products so we can give you many unbiased and comprehensive reviews to help you pick high-quality items that meet all of your requirements.

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Recipes Research And Testing

The world of cooking ideas is unlimited. That’s why we have constantly researched and developed new recipes in different cuisines, from basic to fancy dishes.

Therefore, the number of recipes at Hey, That Tastes Good keep growing to inspire every home cook not only in the USA but also the whole world.

If you are in need of recipes to cook with eggs, or some simple desserts, we are here to help. There are also several cooking ideas that you can make use of your favorite kitchenware, for example, a Crockpot, or Instant Pot.

On the other hand, we highlight the simplicity of dishes to reduce your cooking work. So what you can find here are many easy-to-follow and reliable recipes. And even if you are not really into cooking, we hope our recipes can change your mind.

Product Reviews

All of the reviews at Hey, That Tastes Good are independent and based on our tests. We may receive commissions from your buying, and they are unbiased reviews to recommend you choose the best items.

What you can get from our reviews:

  • Deeply understand the pros and cons of each product
  • Have a brief yet comprehensive view of them
  • Can compare the price, features, and quality of products
  • General buying guidance
  • Useful tips for using them correctly

What Makes Us Who We Are

At Hey, That Tastes Good, we prioritize the quality of our content. Therefore, we are confident to be a reliable source to encourage you to become a better cook. Here are some key factors that we take pride in on our website


Cooking should be fun and exciting, shouldn’t it? With plenty of recipes and must-know tips, you can create many hearty meals for yourself and your family without too much effort.

For example, if you want to know how long yogurt can last, or how to take advantage of a paring knife, you have come to the right place.


We not only introduce many simple recipes but also convey them most straightforwardly so you can comprehend them better.

Our content creators and writers have always learned and improved our skills to ensure all articles here are easy to approach and remember.


The diversity factor can be understood in 2 different ways.

First, this website is the work of many people representing different points of view, languages, races, and even religions so we can offer diverse content.

Secondly, what we can provide you is more than just cooking recipes. Cooking is a big term referring to different criteria. What kinds of cookware that you need to prepare dishes, or how to know if this food is suitable for your diet; everything will be covered here.

Up-To-Date Information

The world is changing every day. There are always new topics or concerns arising. That’s why we constantly create and develop our content according to your demands.


The accuracy of information is very important, especially when it comes to preparing food. Therefore, every recipe or informative article at Hey, That Tastes Good is reviewed and edited carefully before publishing.

Meet Our Team

Finally, we would like to introduce the most important people behind this website. They are food enthusiasts, experts, and also home cooks, so they can understand how crucial it is to create an excellent culinary website.

Linda Dean

Linda Dean has spent ten years as a food writer and recipe developer. Her main goal is to inspire the love of cooking in everyone around the world.

She loves trying new things in the food world, so every recipe she creates here is not only simple but also distinctive. Furthermore, she prioritizes using quality and easy-to-find components to make dishes more delicious.

William Scott

William Scott was a regular photographer, but his passion for cooking never faded. As a home cook, he loves to prepare meals for his family, from breakfasts to dinners.

He also loves to take pictures of every dish he makes. And after a few years of practice and learning, he made the switch to become a professional food and product photographer.

With a massive passion for culinary, he devotes all of his love to every picture he takes. He is also a master at making and editing videos. And I am sure that you will be eager to prepare some dishes after watching his mouthwatering food videography.

Michelle Boyd

Michelle Boyd graduated from a culinary school and used to be a 5-star restaurant chef. But instead of creating complex and expensive delicacies, she has a better approach to turning these 5-star delicacies into homemade ones.

As a food-centric expert, she also provides tips to ensure your cooking work is much safer and easier.

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