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Qatar drinks have gained a worldwide reputation for their excellent and premium tastes. They are not just regular beverages but also the culinary arts that reflect the beauty and culture of the Qatar and Doha cuisine.

If you attend Qatar for a holiday in the hot summer, these drinks will surely satisfy your thirst and make you more energetic. They feature a typical refreshing taste with a satisfying sweetness.

These beverages are also simple to prepare with popular and easy-to-find ingredients. Now let’s discover the beauty and characteristics of these drinks!

Qatari Drinks
One of the most famous Qatari drinks is the Karkade – an integrated part of the Qatari culture.

These beverages are very famous in Qatar and Arabic countries. Besides their rich and filling tastes, the drinks bring tremendous health benefits and healthy nutrition. They involve green and beneficial ingredients like coffee, tea, and herbs.

Whether it is for a hot summer day or freezing winter evening, they will lighten your mood and make you feel energetic for the whole day. If you want something special to drink on occasions or important days, these ten beverages are the perfect options.

1. Karak Chai (Karak Tea)


Karak Chai
Karak Chai is more delicious than any milk tea version you have ever tasted.

Karak Chai can be translated to “strong tea” in Hindi. This is the national drink of Qatar, which is also a popular beverage in Pakistan and other countries in the Middle East region. The traditional Qatari Karak tea involves 5 main ingredients: tea, water, milk, sugar, and cardamon.

This drink originated in South Asia and was introduced to Qatar by workers returning from Pakistan and India in the 1950s. Karak Chai gradually grew in popularity and has become an indispensable part of the Qatari culinary culture and daily life.

To make Karak Chai, people boil and simmer these components at low heat to enrich the drink’s flavor. Depending on the version, you can add cloves, cinnamon, or saffron to intensify the taste.

The longer you simmer the tea, the more delicious and tasty it gets. The remaining liquid should be milky and thick with a beautiful caramel color. The drink features a tasty and spicy flavor that every Qataris and foreign visitors love.

Remember to remove the tea bags and ingredients before serving. Try this iconic drink on a cold winter morning, and it will instantly warm up your heart.

Where to buy: You can find Karak Chai served in every corner of Qatar, from the street vendors, bars, and coffee shops to the restaurants.

Why is Karak Chai one of the most delicious and famous tea in the world? Let this video show you.

Watch this video: The Best Karak Chai Tea - How To Make Karak At Home

2. Rumman (Pomegranate Juice)

Pomegranate Juice
Rumman is a gift for pomegranate lovers with loaded nutrition and tremendous benefits.

Rumman refers to pomegranates in Arabic. It is another exotic fruit juice in Qatar with a tangy taste and powerful sweetness. Also, the pomegranate fruit juice gives this drink a beautiful reddish color that you cannot resist.

Pomegranate is a familiar ingredient for many dishes and beverages in Arabian cuisine. Therefore, Rumman is undoubtedly a popular drink in Qatar. Typically, people often add ice cubes or refrigerate Rumman and combine it with lemon or salt to serve cold.

The drink is inherently sweet and tasty without sugar, but you can add sweeteners like honey to enhance its flavor. Depending on the variation, you can add orange blossom water and spices to diversify the taste, but never forget to add ice.

Rumman fruit contains a lot of antioxidants, making Rumman a healthy drink for people suffering from embolic and heart-related diseases. However, the original Rumman drink doesn’t use extracted juice from fresh fruits but pomegranate syrup.

You just need to mix pomegranate syrup with water, lemon juice, and the sweeteners of your choice to make Rumman. It is a convenient and tasty drink that brings more energy and freshness to the day.

Where to buy: Pomegranate syrup is quite hard to find in America. You can find this ingredient in the Middle Eastern stores in Qatar and Europe. Rumman is also served by beverage stores and street vendors in Qatar.

3. Laban (Salted Yogurt Drink)


Laban Salted
Photo Credit: Laban & lemon mint drink by Leslie is licensed under CC BY-NC 2.0
Laban is also called Lassi in India, which is a widely sought-after beverage in the scorching summers.

Laban is a cool yogurt drink favored in the Middle East and Qatar. Its milky and perfectly white texture can impress anyone at first sight. The way people preserved milk in the past is the inspiration for this delicious drink.

In general, Laban is a type of fermented milk. Its main ingredient is fresh milk with a high-fat content (around 1 to 3 percent) and sour cream. This drink contains nutrients and healthy substances like vitamins, calcium, and proteins.

It is believed that drinking Laban can strengthen and facilitate bone formation in your body. What makes Laban so special is that this drink is seasoned with salt. Yes, you didn’t hear it wrong. Laban features a tangy, sweet and mild savory flavor from the salt.

Most Laban versions come with a fresh mint garnished on top to enhance the scent and freshness of the beverage. You can mix this delicious yogurt with fruits or use it for making cake and serve it with salad dishes.

People in Qatar and the Middle East usually have a fresh cup of Laban during each meal. It simultaneously adds more flavor to the meal and boosts their digestive system. Laban can last up to one week in the fridge after making.

Where to buy: From street vendors, restaurants, and beverage shops. You can buy the ready-to-drink Laban in grocery stores or make it at home.

4. Qahwa/Gahwa/Kahwa (Arabic Coffee)


Qahwa Gahwa
Serving the guests and visitors with homemade Arabic coffee is a traditional gesture in every Qataric household.

Coffee lovers should visit Qatar and try out the infamous Arabic coffee. I guarantee that this brewed coffee version tastes better than any regular coffee you have ever had. The older Qatari generations only prepare their own coffee and never use instant coffee powder.

The ritual of making coffee is very sacred in Qatar, with the households creating their unique recipe. They use the finest quality green coffee beans sold in the local wholesale shops, combined with other ingredients like cloves, Shaiba leaves, saffron, and cardamom.

These ingredients are very expensive, which speaks more about the quality of Arabic coffee. Since the methods are unique among each household and shop, Arabic coffee can come in lighter or darker tones.

The flavor and scent are also diversified. But in general, Arabic coffee is bitter with no sugar added. The Qataris value hospitality, and always welcome guests visiting their houses with a cup of Arabic coffee.

Visiting any restaurant or household in Qatar, you will see the Qataris serving coffee in small cups with decorative patterns. Arabic coffee has become an integrated part of the Middle Eastern tradition and culture.

It is a famous and prevalent drink served at family gatherings or special occasions. If you cannot tolerate the bitterness, consider adding more sugar to get a more pleasant taste.

Where to buy: You can find Arabic coffee sold in Qatar’s cafes, restaurants, and beverage shops.

This video will show you how to make the most authentic and tastiest Arabic coffee.

Watch this video: How To Make Arabic Coffee (Gahwa) The Traditional Qatari Way!

5. Limonana (Frozen Mint Lemonade)


Limonana Frozen
To make the most delicious and authentic Limonana, you must use fresh mint and lemon juice.

Limonana is a very popular mint lemonade in Qatar and the Middle Eastern regions. The name Limonana doesn’t carry any meaning as it was created by an Israeli advertising firm through famous drink ads back in the 1990s.

As the ads became viral, this drink gradually grew in popularity, and people started to use the Limonana name. It is the combination of two words, “Limon” and “nana,” which can be translated to mint and lemonade in Arabic.

The use of mint gives this beverage a more unique and special taste than traditional American lemonade. Mint and lemonade are the prevalent ingredients in Qatar, which come in the finest quality and taste.

The mild sweetness and sour undertone combined with the freshness of mint and ice cubes make Limonana a perfect drink for the hot summer. What can be more pleasant than stretching on a hot beach with a filling glass of Limonana to quench your thirst?

Preparing Limonana is a child’s play. You just need to blend the lemon juice, sugar, mint, and water in a blender. When the texture turns into liquid, you need to strain and remove the solids. Finally, pour the remaining liquid into a tall glass filled with ice cubes to enjoy.

Where to buy: The commercial Limonana is available in many grocery and beverage stores in Qatar. You can also gather the ingredients and prepare this simple drink at home.

6. Saffron Tea


Saffron Tea
The vibrant reddish color of the Saffron tea can easily impress your guests.

Saffron tea is another super healthy and mood-boosting drink favored by many Qataris. If you haven’t heard of Saffron, it is a spice produced by the crocus Sativus Linné’s flower. This plant grows widely in Greece, India, and Iran.

This spice serves as a food coloring and seasoning, which has an iconic reddish color. It features a pleasant sweetness like honey and a metallic scent, blended with a mildly bitter undertone.

Saffron tea is considered a luxurious drink since the crocus takes three years to produce the flowers. Needless to say, Saffron is among the most expensive and sought-after spices in the world. The darker Saffron’s color, the more quality it possesses.

This magical drink is not only delicious but also brings tremendous health benefits. Drinking saffron tea can help fight depressants and coronary diseases. It can also boost your mood and memory while reducing the risk of cancer.

To make Saffron tea, people blend the saffron spice with cinnamon, lemon, rose, cardamom, and ginger. These herbs and spices help reduce the bitter taste of Saffron and enrich the flavor of this drink. It can be served hot or cold, which both bring a tasty and soothing taste.

Where to buy: This drink is served in many luxurious Qatar restaurants and cafes. You can purchase Saffron spice from reputable online dealers to make this marvelous drink at home.

Saffron tea is one of the healthiest drinks you should drink daily. Here is a simple guide for consuming it.

Watch this video: Things About Famous Saffron Tea

7. Tamar Hindi (Tamarind Drink)


Tamar Hindi
You can use Tamar Hindi as the substitution for lemon juice in many drinks and culinary recipes.

The classic sweet and sour Tamar Hindi or Tamarind drink is one of the best Qataric beverages to quench your thirst in the hot summer. Tamar Hindi means tamarind in Arabic, which is also the staple ingredient of this delicious beverage.

Making Tamar Hindi is very simple. You just need to blend three main ingredients: tamarind, sugar, and water. Start with preparing the tamarind chunks by soaking them in boiling water. After a few hours, use your finger to rub the dissolved tamarind seeds and pulp.

Then, extract the tamarind juice by pressing its pulp and seed on a mesh strainer.

There’s not much need to further describe the flavors and texture of this familiar drink. It features an eye-catching brown color with a pleasant tangy taste, depending on how much sugar you add.

Keep adding water to the remaining solids and extract to get as much liquid as possible. Then pour the liquid into a glass and add sugar to enjoy. Tamar Hindi tastes best when served cold, so you should freeze it for a few hours before serving.

You can use the instant tamarind paste sold in grocery stores to prepare this drink, though it tastes nowhere as good as the fresh and traditional tamarind.

Where to buy: From street vendors or in cafes, restaurants, and beverage stores in Qatar. You can purchase fresh tamarind to make the homemade Tamar Hindi version.

8. Jallab (Refreshing Drink With Date Molasses And Rose Water)


Jallab Juice
Jallab is richer in nutrition than any regular drinks, with healthy minerals and “heart-friendly” fatty acids.

Not just in Qatar, Jallab is a famous traditional recipe in the Middle East. This refreshing drink involves Carob fruit, grape molasses, rose water, and dates. Its name indicates the fresh drink and the special commercial fruit syrup.

In the past, people used to produce syrup by soaking the clean dates for many hours before boiling them. Then they filter the juice through a cheesecloth and dry it on the house roofs.

Nowadays, the production of Jallab syrup has been commercialized. You can prepare a glass of Jallab drink just by adding a few drops of Jallab syrup to plain water. The drink features a satisfying sweet taste with a dark purple color and mild fragrant flavor of rose water.

Preparing the authentic Jallab drink is surprisingly simple. You just need to combine the rose water and date molasses in water and top with ice to serve. Its refreshing taste is inherently fabulous, but you can add a drizzle of honey to enhance the flavor.

The beauty of this beverage lies in its simple preparation with only three staple ingredients. If you prefer a more stylish Jallab, consider garnishing it with raisins and pine nuts.

Where to buy: Jalab is sold by street vendors and beverage stores in Qatar. You can buy the commercial Jallab syrup in grocery stores or gather the ingredients to prepare this drink at home.

This video will show you that preparing Jallab drinks is just a piece of cake!

Watch this video: Jallab Drink Recipe By Chefu

9. Kharoub Juice (Carob Juice)

Kharoub Juice
You can use Carob molasses to substitute for the Carob pots in making Cajob juice.

Carob juice is a traditional Egyptian beverage that is very popular in Arabic countries and Qatar, especially during the Holy month of Ramadan. Carob, also known as Kharoub, comes from the famous Carob tree Ceratonia siliqua.

Besides the pleasant sweetness and savory flavors of Carob, it is a very cheap and prevalent fruit. The drink features a dark brown texture like Tamar Hindi.

Carob juice is usually served as a refreshing drink in summer with added ice cubes. Meanwhile, people serve hot Carob juice as a body-warming beverage during the freezing winter months.

In addition, Carob is rich in energy and healthy nutrients with an abundant source of carbohydrates, fiber, and protein. This drink can quickly warm your body and help cure diarrhea or high blood pressure.

You just need three ingredients for making Carob juice: water, carobs, and sugar. Start by simmering the Carob pods in a large pot for around 45 minutes. Then break open the pots with your hands and simmer with sugar for another 45 minutes.

When the texture turns caramel golden brown, strain it on a mesh strainer to remove the solid Carob pots. Freeze it in the fridge and add more water or sugar if desired. You can also drink the hot Cajob juice without freezing on cold days.

Where to buy: The Carob molasses and pots are available in many Qatar grocery stores or from online dealers. You can also find this drink served in some restaurants and beverage stores in Qatar.

10. Qamar Al Din (Apricot juice)

Qamar Al Din
Photo Credit: Qamar Al-Din by Galjundi7 is licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0
If you love the thick texture and mild sweetness of Jallab, try out this tasty Qamar AI-Deen.

Like the Carob juice, Qamar Al Din, or apricot juice, is a very popular drink for the Holy month of Ramadan. The drink originated in Syria and became famous across the Middle Eastern region and Qatar.

The drink was believed to be named after its Syrian inventor – Qamar al-Din. Qamar Al Din features a caramel-like brown color with a tangy sweetness of the apricot flesh, which can be described as the blend between a plum and a peach.

To make Qamar Al Din, people boil apricots and sugar, then drain the soaked apricots in direct sunlight. This method gives the apricots a sweeter and more consistent flavor, making them a more suitable ingredient for Qamar Al Din.

For making Qamar Al Din with fresh Apricot leather, you have to add orange blossom water or rosewater to enhance its sweetness. This delicious drink can be served hot and cold, which can boost your energy and refresh your mood.

However, I recommend you refrigerate it overnight to achieve the best flavor. You can blend the apricot juice with cold water to serve in a 1:3 ratio. It can satisfy your thirst and prevent dehydration during the burning summer days.

Where to buy: In beverage stores or street vendors in Qatar. You can find the packages of dried apricots sold by online dealers or in grocery stores.

11. Karkade (Hibiscus Iced Tea)

Karkade Hibiscus
What can be greater than a refreshing glass of Karkade for a healthy and satisfying beverage?

Like the regular lemonade in North America, Karkade is a perfect drink to refresh your body from the burning heat in countries with hot climates like Qatar. Its deep red and vibrant color can impress anyone at first glance, but the flavors it brings are much more than that.

The main ingredient for Karkade is the Hibiscus flower petals boiled with sugar. Hibiscus petals bring a similar taste to lettuce or candyfloss. They offer an eye-catching color and a satisfying burst of flavor to the Karkade drink.

Hibiscus iced tea contains even more antioxidants and healthy nutrients than green teas. This drink can be served hot or cold, but you should use the whole fresh Hibiscus flower instead of Hibiscus tea bags to get the most authentic flavor.

Preparing Karkade is very simple. You just need to boil Hibiscus petals in cool water for around 25 minutes. Then drain the liquid using a mesh strainer to remove the Hibiscus leaves. You can freeze it in the fridge or boil the drink to serve hot.

Feel free to add any sweeteners and flavors you prefer, like honey, maple syrup, or lemon juice, to enrich the drink’s flavor. However, don’t add too much sugar as it can fade the natural taste of Hibiscus.

Where to buy: Karkade is available in many of Qatar’s hotels, restaurants, and beverage stores. You can also purchase the Hibiscus tea bags or dried Hibiscus leaves from reputable online dealers to make this drink at home.

12. Vimto

Vimto Qatar
Not just in Qatar, the one-century-old Vimto is one of the most famous soft drinks worldwide.

I will finish this list with something more special. Vimto is every Qataric’s favorite soft drink in Qatar. In fact, it is the most consumed drink in the Holy month of Ramadan, with millions of bottles sold yearly.

To your surprise, the drink didn’t originate from the Middle Eastern region. It was invented by John Noel Nichols in Manchester more than one century ago, with the original name Vim Tonic. The drink is a mix of grapes, blackcurrants, raspberry juice, herbs, and spices.

This explains the eye-catching reddish color of Vimto. At the first taste, you can easily notice this drink’s sweet, tangy, and fruity flavor. The grape juice gives it a little tardiness, while blackcurrants and raspberries deliver a pleasant sweet undertone.

However, only 3% of a Vimto bottle is fruit juice, while the remaining is plain water and sugar. Therefore this drink is not healthy to consume on a daily basis. Nevertheless, its delicious and filling flavor is a must-try when attending a hot country like Qatar.

Where to buy: Vimto is sold in grocery stores, beverage shops, and street vendors in many regions worldwide.

3 Simple Qatar Drink Recipes That Everyone Can Make

Not everyone has the chance to visit another country to enjoy its culinary dishes and staple drinks. I’m sure that your sweet tooth is craving refreshing and delicious drinks when reading the compiled Qatar beverages.

If you want to figure out how tasty and fabulous they taste, follow the recipes in this section. Here are the three easy Qatar drink recipes suitable for all ages and tastes. Follow the steps and prepare a filling beverage to start your energetic day.

1. Karkade (Hibiscus Iced Tea)

Karkade Hibiscus Iced
Dried hibiscus flower is the essential ingredient to make the fabulous Karkade.

Karkade is among the simplest Qatar beverages to make, but its flavor is just out of this world. A colorful and refreshing glass of hibiscus iced tea is the side dish for any meal of the day. Here are the steps to prepare the most authentic and delicious Karkade.

Ingredients: Karkade (dried hibiscus flowers), water, and sugar.

Step 1: Boil ten cups of clean water in a large pot.

Step 2: Add dried hibiscus flowers to the boiling water.

Step 3: Boil the mixture for around 2 to 3 minutes and turn off the heat.

Step 4: Let the mixture rest for 15 minutes.

Step 5: Pour the mixture into a pitcher and separate the dried hibiscus flowers using a fine mesh strainer.

Step 6: Add one cup of sugar into the hibiscus tea and mix thoroughly using a long spoon.

Step 7: Wait for the tea to cool and refrigerate until it is completely cool.

Step 8: Take a sip of the drink. If it is too concentrated, dilute the tea by adding more water and mix carefully. You can also add more ice cubes to dilute the drink.

Step 9: Pour the tea onto a glass filled with ice cubes to serve. Use fresh mint leaves for garnishing the top.

Notes: The red color emitted by boiling hibiscus flowers can easily leave stains on your utensils. So you should use metal or glass spoons, pots, and strainers instead of wooden or plastic ones.

2. Qahwa (Arabic Coffee)

No beverage can represent the Qatari traditions and culinary culture better than Qahwa, the national drink of this country. Besides its tasty flavor, the process of making Arabic coffee is surprisingly fun. Here are the ingredients and steps to prepare it.

Ingredients: finely-ground coffee, cardamom, water, and sugar.

Equipment: A small pot, small coffee cup, strainer, and coffee grinder (optional).

Step 1: Add water and sugar into the coffee pot and boil.

Step 2: Add ground coffee into the boiling mixture.

Step 3: Quickly lift the coffee pot off the heat right after the mixture returns to boil and foams.

Step 4: Perform the same process again two times until it gives a perfect foam texture.

Step 5: Pour Qahwa into a small cup and serve hot or cold, depending on your taste.

Making the Qahwa Arabic coffee requires a bit of skill. This video will make it easier.

Watch this video: Coffee Lovers Meet Qahwa The Arabic Coffee

3. Limonana (Frozen Mint Lemonade)

Limonana Frozen Mint
A cooling glass of Limonana is the perfect choice for the summer.

So you can no longer stand the burning heat of the hot summer days? Try preparing this delicious Limonana to refresh your mind and body. This recipe is perfect for vegans with healthy and easy-to-find ingredients, taking only 5 minutes to prepare.

Ingredients: sugar, water, fresh lemon juice, ice, fresh mint leaves, and sprigs (optional).

Step 1: Slowly boil water and sugar in a small saucepan at medium heat. While boiling, whisk the mixture thoroughly to dissolve sugar. Then let the mixture cool down at room temperature.

Step 2: Pour the mixture into the blender, then add water, fresh lemon juice, mint leaves, and ice. Blend thoroughly until the ice completely dissolves in a thick and icy texture.

Step 3: Add more sugar if you prefer and pour the mixture onto a tall glass to serve. Garnish the top with fresh mint leaves or sprigs.

Which Qatar Drink In This List Have You Tried?

Besides the famous Qatar drinks like Jallab, Laban, and especially Arabian Coffee, this Arabic country is a heaven of exotic beverages, full of flavors and colorful textures. Unfortunately, Qatar forbids drinking alcoholic drinks in public.

For this reason, alcoholic beverages are very limited in this country, which are only available in some bars, restaurants, or pubs. Nevertheless, I hope that the delicious drinks compiled in this list can satisfy your curiosity.

In general, they are suitable for people of all ages and tastes, bringing tremendous health benefits and pleasure to your life. If you have the chance to visit this beautiful country, don’t forget to try out its famous beverages.

The ingredients are also available in many grocery stores and online markets. You can prepare these drinks at home to get a taste of Qatar’s culinary beauty. If you know of any other excellent Qataric drinks, don’t hesitate to tell me in the comment section.

Finally, don’t forget to share if you had a great time reading this post.

Thank you for your time!

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