52 Foods That Start With Letter H

Lastest Updated January 25, 2024
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Can you count yourself as a food connoisseur if you haven’t tried these foods that start with H from all these world-famous cuisines? From the humblest ingredients to luxurious recipes, the culinary world is full of surprises for you to explore.

Asides from keeping you healthy and well-fed, food is also a taste of distinctive cultures. Whether it be kick-starting the day or treating yourself to indulgent dinner after a long day at work, don’t hesitate to try out a new and exotic recipe because you may come to love it.

Let’s take a venture around the world without leaving your kitchen and see what kind of delicious eats beginning with the letter H you’d like to put on the table tonight!

What Are Some Foods That Start With H?

Before diving into each of these amazing food and dish, here are a quick list of all the items I’ll be recommending for today.

  1. Ham
  2. Hard-Boiled Eggs
  3. Hash Browns
  4. Hollandaise Sauce
  5. Home Fries
  6. Hot Cereals
  7. Hummus
  8. Haddock
  9. Haggis
  10. Halloumi Cheese
  11. Hare
  12. Hawaiian Haystack
  13. Hen
  14. Hero Sandwich
  15. Hot Chicken
  16. Happy Cake
  17. Hasty Pudding
  18. Haupia
  19. Honey Cake
  20. Hot Fudge Sundae
  21. Huckleberry Pie
  22. Hummingbird Cake
  23. Halva
  24. Hard Candy
  25. Hazelnut Spread
  26. Heart-Shaped Cookie
  27. Honey Bun
  28. Hallaca
  29. Hamonado
  30. Hardinera
  31. Hojuela
  32. Habanero
  33. Honeydew
  34. Horse Mushroom
  35. Horseradish
  36. Husk Tomato
  37. Huachinango a la Veracruzana
  38. Huarache
  39. Huevos Rancheros
  40. Huitlacoche
  41. Hainanese Chicken Rice
  42. Hand-Pulled Noodles
  43. Har Gaw
  44. Hot Pot
  45. Harzer
  46. Hasenpfeffer
  47. Hedgehog Slice
  48. Himmel und Erde
  49. Hilopites
  50. Horiatiki
  51. Horta
  52. Hortosoupa

Without wasting more time, let’s get the scoop on this running list of the best food starting with the letter H, and see if you’ve tried all of them!

Mood-Boosting Breakfast Foods Starting With H

A healthy, nutritious breakfast will give you essential energy to start the morning off right. Grant yourself some more sleeping time with these easy and classic breakfast recipes.

1. Ham

Ham Cheese
Ham and scrambled eggs for a classic breakfast fare

Ham is basically the upper part of a pig’s hind legs that’re preserved by dry or wet curing with a moist texture and a sweet, smoky flavor. While these meat cuts can also be served for lunches and dinners, they’re primarily breakfasts due to the little prep work they take.

A filling, hot ham-based recipe can be on your table in 20 minutes or less. Scrambled eggs are a classic partner for ham, but this versatile meat also pairs well with other side dishes like casseroles and mashed potatoes.

2. Hard-Boiled Eggs

Hard Boiled Eggs
Perfect hard-boiled eggs with fully set whites and bright yellow center

Rather than skipping breakfast, having a hard-boiled egg or two in the morning is a great way to lose some weight. Perfectly done, hard-boiled eggs should be mashable yet not dry or chalky. The food is packed with various nutrients that make a great portable snack.

The desired cooking time for these eggs ranges from 7 to 10 minutes, depending on the size of your pans and the ratio of eggs and water. You can lightly sprinkle them with some salt to enjoy the full flavor, or top them off salads and sandwiches as delish breakfast go-to.

3. Hash Browns

Hash Browns
Crispy hash browns served with a dip of ketchup

Whether a breakfast staple or a standalone snack, hash browns are one of the most mouth-watering potato dishes ever. The finely chopped potatoes are mixed with onions and shortening, then fried until browned.

With every bite of this patty, you can get a taste of the crispy exterior and delicious, fluffy flavor on the inside. This simple dish is fairly easy for a home-style meal as it takes little effort. However, often deep-fried, hash browns are best consumed in moderation.

4. Hollandaise Sauce

Hollandaise Sauce
Classic hollandaise sauce in French cuisine

Mild, rich, and creamy, hollandaise sauce is perfect for when you yearn for something delicate in the morning. This dish is made with egg yolks, salt, and lemon juice beaten up with melted butter over a hot water bath to achieve a magical silky, smooth texture.

When done properly, the sauce is flat-out delicious with a buttery scent. It adds an impressive touch serving over fresh asparagus, breakfast crepes, and Eggs Benedict. Despite the fancy French name, you can easily whip up this sauce with a blender and a pan in your kitchen.

5. Home Fries

Home Fries
Delicious and crispy home fries for a home-cooked dinner

Home fries are a perfect potato side dish fried in a pan until golden brown with onions and herbs as common add-ins. What defines a gourmet batch of home fries is the texture. It should be crunchy and crispy outside, yet soft inside to melt in your mouth.

Making home fries is an excellent way to turn your leftover boiled potatoes into a palatable, savory treat for breakfast. These fried potatoes are best served alongside eggs and bacon or consumed on their own with a sprinkle of salt.

6. Hot Cereals

Hot Cereals
Filling oatmeal porridge topped off with blueberries – the most famous hot cereal

For thousands of years, hot cereals have always been one of the most popular breakfast staples. This dish often includes dense grains such as oats, barley, and quinoa. You can easily jazz up the bowl by adding fresh fruits or cinnamon powder to cater to your taste.

The protein and fiber in hot cereals tend to keep your feeling full until the next break-time. The taste of this food largely depends on its ingredients but is oftentimes sweet and filling with a crunchy texture.

7. Hummus

Hummus Garnish
Creamy and fluffy hummus garnished with chickpeas and herbs

Hummus is a popular dish native to Middle East cuisine. This creamy paste consists of ground chickpeas, sesame oil, lemon, and garlic. If you don’t have any sesame oil in your pantry, olive oil and walnut oil can be used to replace sesame oil in a pinch.

This dip is renowned as a clean and healthy food for a reason. Packed with fibers, vitamins, and proteins, the dip can be a part of your daily menu as long as you don’t overindulge in these hummus-featured recipes.

Savory Foods Beginning With H

After a long, tough day at work, nothing is better than a savory, hearty meal that fuels us from the stomach. Thusly, I’ve rounded up the absolute most scrumptious dinner recipes to make home-cooked meals easier than ever.

8. Haddock

Haddocks Grace
High-quality haddocks grace the finest dining tables.

There’s no reason not to enjoy a healthy, delicious, and easy-to-make haddock recipe on weeknight dinner. It’s a type of saltwater fish belonging to the cod family with distinctive differences in shapes and textures. Haddock has smaller flakes and is fairly thin, tender.

There’re plenty of ways you can turn this fresh seafood into the showstopper for lunch or dinner. It’s ideal for smoking, filleting, and air-frying for a healthy meal. With loads of minerals, proteins, and low-fat content, the fish is a healthy start to a nutritious meal.

9. Haggis

Haggis Paired
Rustic serving of haggis paired with creamy mashed potatoes

Nothing quite yields Scottish cuisine more than the nation’s iconic haggis. It’s a type of savory pudding made using sheep’s pluck, onions, oatmeal, and spices. While its taste largely depends on the exact recipe, a classic haggis tends to be peppery, earthy, and mellow on the flavor.

This crumby sausage often stars as the main course when served with mashed potatoes and turnips. You can also pair its warm undertone with a few sips of whisky to keep the cold away.

10. Halloumi Cheese

Halloumi Cheese
Halloumi cheese has a great nutritional profile to aid a healthy lifestyle

When it comes to comfort food, halloumi cheese checks all the boxes for filling, flavorful, and satisfying. This cheese is a semi-hard, salty variety like the famous Gruyère and is made from goat’s or sheep’s milk. It’s used a lot in Greek and Cypriot cookery, where it originated from.

Halloumi cheese brings out a strong, tangy flavor that comes from the brine when eaten raw. But it’s usually enjoyed when fried or grilled, then paired with a nutritious, fresh salad or crusty bread, all of which come together easily when you need an easy meal prepping idea.

11. Hare

Delicate Hare Meat
Delicate hare meat lends itself to slow-cooking with veggies.

For game lovers, a hare is a delicacy that comes from the same family as rabbits. However, hares are generally larger, with longer ears and hind legs than rabbits. Most people agree that hare meat has a unique flavor that’s gamey, rich, and of a dark color.

The juicy texture and aroma of hares are best paired with a fruity sauce like berries, pears, and rosemary, a common herb used to substitute sage in recipes. Hares tend to do better with longer cooking time, so you can braise some meat with liquids, veggies and enjoy the game season.

12. Hawaiian Haystack

Hawaiian Haystack
Hawaiian haystack – a convenience dish for when you need a hearty meal

Despite the name, Hawaiian haystack didn’t actually originate from Hawaii. This convenience cuisine dish includes a rice base topped off with creamy chicken gravy and layered with vegetables, especially pineapples, which is often associated with many Hawaiian dishes.

Thanks to the perfect blend of flavors, this dish makes a fun and hearty meal to serve at large gatherings. The recipe is a crowd-pleaser and can be adapted to suit people’s tastes with their favorite toppings.

13. Hen

Cornish Hens
Savory and tender Cornish hens make a wonderful dinner at home.

Hen refers to matured female animals, oftentimes chickens and birds. Given that hen is a chicken variety, its meat tends to have a tender and mild flavor. Hens are extremely versatile, which can be the star in many filling, crowd-pleasing dishes.

It’s a breeze to bring a delicate dish to the dining table with a nicely seasoned hen, even for beginner cooks. You can make a no-sweat one-pan hen recipe or sear some thighs and kick things up with a homemade, savory sauce that you can happily indulge in.

14. Hero Sandwich

Hero Sandwich
Italian-style hero sandwich stuffed with meat, cheese, and veggie fillings

While some assume sandwiches are an exclusive breakfast concept, these recipes are perfect for lunches, picnics, or as a low-lift meal. Hero sandwich is a cheesy Italian-style sandwich made with bread, meats, common cheeses like brie or muenster cheese, and veggie stuffing.

This basic sandwich recipe is easily customizable. If you don’t have Italian-style meat in the fridge, you can simply throw in some ham or turkey in a pinch to complete the dish. In fact, adding extra flavor is the key to making this sandwich stand out from the crowd.

15. Hot Chicken

Happy Cake
Famous Nashville hot chickens commonly served with crunchy pickles

Spice your dinner up, literally, with some hot chickens. The dish is no doubt an iconic Nashville food staple and tastes exactly as it sounds. Hot chickens are technically ultra-crispy fried chickens finished with a hot sauce and a cayenne-infused glaze.

You can expect these chickens to get a strong dose of spices. This Nashville-style dish is spicy but with a touch of sweetness that may make it a guilty pleasure. Appealing as it is, it has far more calories and fat than your standard chickens, so you shouldn’t eat it too often.

Mesmerizing Desserts That Start With H

Want to end your dinner on a perfectly sweet note? Here’s a combination of indulgent desserts to round up your meal in the perfect way.

16. Happy Cake

As its name implies, this tropical cake tastes like summer celebrations. A happy cake is an authentic Hawaiian fruit cake with main ingredients are pineapples, coconuts, and macadamia nuts. Its soft and moist texture often resembles that of a bundt cake.

Most people agree that you can taste the beautiful island off the dessert from the first bite. Flavorful yet not overbearingly sweet, this sweet treat will leave you licking your fingers, thusly worthy of a spot in many weddings and parties.

Have you tried happy cake? Take a look at why this fruity cake is such an iconic staple in Hawaiian cuisine.

17. Hasty Pudding

Hasty pudding is an old-fashioned New England dessert. The dish contains grains or wheat flour stirred up and cooked in water or milk, giving it a similar texture as a porridge. With warm and filling essence, this pudding is best served when warm.

Brown sugar, butter, vanilla, and types of vanilla extract substitutes are common add-ins to jazz up this dessert. When you yearn for some comfort food, and there’s not much ingredient around, hasty pudding is a simple recipe that fills you up for the time being.

Prepare some palatable and hearty hasty pudding from scratch with this easy tutorial.

How to make hasty pudding?

18. Haupia

Refreshing Haupia
Smooth and refreshing Haupia topped with delish chocolate custard

Haupia is a famous Hawaiian dessert usually served at local gatherings, potlucks, and luaus. It’s a traditional sweet treat made from the island’s signature coconut milk, cornstarch, sugar, and milk. Haupia is typically served in small square cuts.

Often described as a coconut pudding, this dessert has a creamy, smooth, somewhat gelatin-like texture. Thusly, you can enjoy it plain in a bowl alongside other main dishes, so savor the sweet, refreshing taste, or use it as an extra touch to other cakes and bars.

19. Honey Cake

Honey Cake
State-of-the-art honey cake that tastes as wonderful as it looks

Honey cake, also known as Medovik, is easily one of the most beloved desserts in Russian cuisine. It’s a multi-layered cake with only two components: crispy, thin cake layers and thick cream frosting, both of which delicately complement each other.

Mastering this cake is an art that takes lots of patience, but the result is well worth it. It’s packed with layers of flavors like sweet, tangy, with signature hints of honey and caramel. If you plan to invite some guests over to delight in this dessert, make sure to prepare it ahead of time.

20. Hot Fudge Sundae

Hot Fudge Sundae
Classic hot fudge sundae with a cherry on top to beat the summer heat

What could be the better way to wrap up a summer meal than a hot fudge sundae? The iconic combination of rich, warm chocolate fudge and frozen vanilla ice cream makes for an absolutely delicious treat.

This delight can be a go-to when you have dinner guests over to impress. A hot fudge sauce is easy and quick to make, with endless ways to cater to your taste. And with some scoops of vanilla ice cream, you can create that melt-in-your-mouth dessert in your very own kitchen.

21. Huckleberry Pie

Huckleberry Pie
Slices of a huckleberry pie take you back to the good old days.

Made with gourmet berries of the West, huckleberry pies have a unique balance of sweet and tart flavor. This classic pie consists of simple pantry ingredients like huckleberries, orange juice, sugar, and zest.

When done properly, huckleberry pie should have a cookie-like crust and a filling, delicious layer of huckleberries that yield a glossy dark color. Having this comfort food with a big scoop of ice cream and a hot cup of coffee on a cold-weather afternoon, you know you’re in for a treat.

22. Hummingbird Cake

Hummingbird Cake
Delectable hummingbird cake with beautiful frosting decoration

With each bite of this mesmerizing hummingbird cake, you’ll get a taste of the dreamy tropical vacation. This southern classic is a real treat for cake aficionados who love pineapple and banana bread. With oil and more fruit than flour, hummingbird cake is one-of-a-kind.

The classic dessert carries a hefty yet perfect blend of mashed bananas and pineapples, often garnished with cream cheese icing. The dense, layered structure gives the cake a delightful burst of flavors that’s so delish it’ll keep you come back for more.

Snacks With H As The First Letter

A satisfying snack will leave you with something salty and sweet to munch on during the day when hunger strikes. Below are some palatable snack foods to help you forget about the next meal.

23. Halva

Oriental Sweets Halva
Indulgent halva treat as a midday snack or an after-meal dessert

The word “halva” literally means sweetness in Arabic, so there’s no way this fudge-like candy can disappoint. This traditional confection consists of sesame seed paste, nuts, sugar, and spices. It’s a quintessential snack of the Middle East with thousands of years of history.

The candy has a fluffy, relatively dense texture and an intensely nutty flavor that makes it a one-of-a-kind. Some even say it’s a marriage between toffee and peanut butter chips. Classic halva recipes are easily catered with add-ins like vanilla and chocolate to suit people’s tastes.

24. Hard Candy

Hard Candy
Colorful and sweet hard candy is an ultimate childhood reminiscence.

When you feel the sudden urge to indulge in something sweet, popping a hard candy into your mouth might just be enough to satisfy the cravings. This is something we all grew up with and love. Sweet, salty, tart, spicy, there’s a wild spectrum of flavor for you to choose from.

If you’re on the side of nice and simple homemade candies, you can mix up a batch of this snack at home. However, regardless of where you get it from, sucking and chewing on hard candies are harmful to your gum and teeth, so you should eat them in moderation.

25. Hazelnut Spread

Hazelnut Spread
Hazelnut spread on toasted bread is the most popular breakfast ever.

Hazelnut spread is basically that chocolatey, nutty spread in your Nutella bottle. Its unique, addictive taste is a blend of skim milk, roasted hazelnuts, and a touch of cocoa. This spread goes well on almost any snack, making it one of the world’s most convenient food ever.

There’re plenty of ways to enjoy hazelnut spread. Eating it by spoonful is the fastest way to keep your sweet tooth satisfied. But if you’re not in a rush, slices of bread, fruits, and even ice cream are some of the best ways to enjoy this indulgent treat.

Heart Shaped Cookie
Varieties of heart-shaped cookies to make for your family or special someone

The snack’s name is quite self-explanatory. Warm and delicious cookies come in the shape of a heart can make you swoon even before tasting them. The easiest way to achieving this shape is by using a cutter or rolling pin, but a knife might also be useful if those tools aren’t available.

Top your cookies off with some cream frosting to make the treat even sweeter for a midday indulgence. If you’re baking this snack as a gift to your friends or special someone, sprinkle some of their favorite toppings to let them know that you really care.

27. Honey Bun

Honey Bun
Sweet and soft honey buns can satisfy your sugar cravings in a snap.

Why scour the patisserie for a cinnamon roll and a donut when you can have a two-in-one treat in a delightful honey bun? This dazzling roll is a fried pastry topped with real honey butter icing and a swirl of cinnamon. Served hot out of the oven, honey buns are irresistible.

These soft, golden, and tasty buns are what it takes to fight off your sugar cravings and keep you entertained for good. Whipping up a batch of honey buns at home should be no-fuss, as it only takes about an hour before your kitchen is filled with that sweet aroma from the oven.

Thanksgiving And Christmas Foods Starting With H

Given that food is the cornerstone of every memorable holiday, here’re the best holiday recipes to bring your family together, even when Christmas isn’t around the corner yet.

28. Hallaca

Hallaca Corn
Why buy your family gifts when you can cook them some loving Hallacas?

Take a venture to the tropics with this fragrant and savory treat from Venezuela. Hallaca is the country’s traditional food most commonly served on Christmas and New Year’s Eve. The food is made with a thin layer of corn dough and filled with chicken, pork, beef, raisins, and capers.

Hallaca is wrapped and tied in a leaf before boiling over high heat. The food’s presentation makes it look like a tiny, loving gift in the holiday. Full of flavor, this main dish is best enjoyed on its own or with a splash of hot sauce if you love to spice things up.

29. Hamonado

Hamonado Pineapple Juice
Hamonado is best eaten with a bowl of steaming white rice.

With a perfect combination of sweet and savory notes, hamonado is the favorite dish of many Filipino families during the holidays. It’s typically a sweet pork dish, which involves pork loin braised in a sweet pineapple and soy sauce.

Though hamonado can be served right off the stove, most cooks tend to let it sit for 15 more minutes before putting it on the table. This dish is juicy and flavorful with a tart taste of the tropics that pairs perfectly with some white rice for a filling dinner.

30. Hardinera

Hardinera is a type of meatloaf that’s usually whipped up on special occasions like fiestas or the Christmas holiday. This famous dish is native to the Quezon Province of the Philippines. It has two main sets of ingredients: pork mixture and beaten eggs steamed together to perfection.

This delicacy has a savory and meaty flavor. For people who like it on a sour note, raisins can be added before the cooking. Put some ketchup dip, a bowl of steaming white rice besides, and you can dive into the delicious world of this festive food.

Do you plan to put this Philippine delicacy on the dining table? Here’s how to execute it perfectly!

The best way to make hardinera at home.

31. Hojuela

Scrumptious Hojuelas
Scrumptious hojuelas make you feel like the holiday season’s around the corner.

Hojuela is a time-tested dessert in Latin American cuisines usually made during the Christmas season and Holy Week. While the recipe varies among regions, this baked good often consists of a wheat flour-based batter fried in vegetable oil then dusted with sugar.

This fried pastry is delicious and easy to prepare at home. If you’re making hojuelas from scratch, the trick is to keep adding bits of flour into the sticky dough until the dough’s texture is soft. When December’s around the corner, keep the winter blues away with this sweet treat.

Fruits And Vegetables Beginning With H

Most fruits and vegetables are packed with lots of nutrients to fill you up and boost your immune system. Can you say that you’ve tried adding all these scrumptious items to your healthy diet?

32. Habanero

Habanero Peppers
As one of the spiciest peppers, habanero isn’t for everyone.

If you’re willing to take the adventure of spiciness, habanero peppers are something you need to try. Ripe habaneros are orange, with a hot heat that makes them perfect ingredients in hot sauces and other spicy recipes.

What sets this fiery chili pepper apart is its fruity, citrusy flavor that matches mangoes and peaches to create a tropical vibe in dishes. Habanero is clearly not for everyone, but if you’re having a minor respiratory issue, a bite of it can give you a vital relief breathe in a pinch.

33. Honeydew

Ripe Honeydew
Juicy and ripe honeydews ready to be eaten

Honeydew is a sweet fruit eaten as an after-meal or midday snack. It’s distinguished by the pale green flesh, while the rind usually ranges from greenish-white to yellow. Similar to telling whether a cantaloupe is ripe, look for clues, and if necessary, give it a bit more time to ripe.

While you can cut the melon into quarters and scoop the flesh out for an instant treat, this cool summer fruit does way more than that. Honeydew smoothies, salads, and salsa are easy ways to add a gentle sweetness and a good dose of vitamin C into your diet.

34. Horse Mushroom

Horse Mushroom
When the recipe calls for large and rich mushrooms, toss in some of these.

Large size, smooth white color, and elegant smell are the reasons why horse mushroom is a favorite in many cuisine dishes. Not only edible, but these mushrooms also carry a hefty dose of vitamin D, iron, and copper, which are primarily used to treat injuries and illnesses.

But the best reason to eat them? These umbrella-like fungi are crazy delicious. Horse mushrooms taste heavenly when sautéed or braised with liquid, sauces, and stews to turn these recipes into restaurant-style dishes while taking no time.

35. Horseradish

Grated Horseradish
Grated horseradish is used for spicing up light fares.

Nothing quite gives your basic recipes a serious kick like horseradish. Given that this root vegetable comes from the same family as mustard and wasabi, you can tell it has a pungent fragrance and an intensely spicy flavor that may bring tears to your eyes when eaten raw.

With a tablespoon, this spice can perk up any fare from ribs to deviled eggs, making it a great substitute to dry mustard. The trick to getting its best kick is by adding it at the end of the cooking. It’s rich in antioxidants, giving your health a boost if consumed in a proper quantity.

36. Husk Tomato

Husk Tomato
Fresh husk tomatoes with their distinctive appearances

More commonly referred to as ground berries or husk berries, husk tomatoes thrive in many conditions, from the wild to home-grown gardens. This veggie is a fruit with a berry wrapped by a husk that resembles a tomato, which is where it gets the name from.

Eating these tomatoes on a regular basis is known to provide multiple health benefits. A husk tomato’s flavor is a cross between pineapples and tomatoes: mild, sweet, and lightly tart. Thusly, it won’t be any difficulty making this fruit addition to indulgent treats like jam and tarts.

Mexican Foods That Start With The Letter H

Are you in need of amazing Mexican recipes that come together in 30 minutes or less for a weeknight dinner rotation? Put these cuisine dishes starting with H down on your running list!

37. Huachinango a la Veracruzana

Huachinango A La Veracruzana
The signature Huachinango a la Veracruzana is a blend of colors and tastes.

The proud title means Veracruz-style red snapper in English. As you may tell, huachinango a la Veracruzana is the signature fish dish of Veracruz city. Traditionally, a whole gutted red snapper is cooked in tomato sauce, but other white-flesh fishes can be substituted.

Based on the fresh fish, olive oil, capers, and tomatoes, this dish brings together a strong, scrumptious flavor that can please a crowd. Side dishes such as white rice and roasted potatoes are commonly served alongside the dish for a filling, savory main course.

38. Huarache

Traditional Huarache
Traditional huarache is a wonderful way to make use of leftover ingredients.

This popular Mexican dish is the ultimate way to turn leftovers into a hearty and appetizing meal. Huarache is made with a thin masa oval-shaped like a sole and topped with just about anything like ground beef, red salsa, and onions.

Thanks to the variety of toppings, this classic food is incredibly customizable, especially when served in a shared dinner with your guests. It’s easy to make at home. Note that the secret to perfect huaraches lies in the dough, which should be lightly toasted outside and soft inside.

39. Huevos Rancheros

Huevos Rancheros
Hearty breakfast of fried eggs served with tomato sauce, avocadoes, and lemon

When in need of a hearty breakfast, nothing can beat a classic huevos ranchero, where runny eggs are the stars of the show. This iconic Mexican dish is prepared with hot corn tortillas covered in fried eggs and spicy tomato salads.

This simple and delicious Mexican breakfast is rich enough to fill you up, some people may toss in a bit of sour cream for extra richness. It’s up to you to cater to the egg’s doneness and toppings to create your desired taste.

40. Huitlacoche

Huitlacoche With Its Delicious
Huitlacoche with its delicious flavor disguised in an unappealing look

Don’t be intimidated by its look! Huitlacoche is actually a type of corn mushroom that tastes delicious and is packed with plenty of valuable nutrients. It’s a famous delicacy in Mexican cuisine and is extremely hard to find outside of the country.

Earthy, tangy, and sweet, it’s no wonder why this mushroom is the main attraction in some of the finest dishes like tamales, quesadillas, corn patties, and even sweet desserts. In order for its flavor to shine, huitlacoche is often lightly sautéed before incorporated in sauces.

Chinese Foods That Start With H

Chinese cuisine is world-famous for its elegance that goes hand in hand with simplicity. For an extra-special fancy dinner at home, here’re some of the best Chinese recipes starting with H that you’ll come to love.

41. Hainanese Chicken Rice

Hainanese Chicken Rice
Take a trip to the East with a filling meal of Hainanese chicken rice

When it’s time for a comfortable one-pot dinner, whip up some Hainanese chicken rice. Not only associated with Chinese cookery, but this dish is also a staple in many Asian cuisines. It contains poached eggs, and seasoned rice served with some cucumbers and chili sauce.

The secret to perfect Hainanese chicken is to exfoliate it before cooking. When done properly, it’s a celebration of chicken’s natural texture and flavor accompanied by fragrant rice. With both starch and protein, it’s the kind of dish that will fill you up with satisfaction.

42. Hand-Pulled Noodles

It’s nothing like those dried store-bought noodles you can get from the grocery stores. Hand-pulled noodles are a major dish in Chinese cuisine. Making this delicacy is an art that takes up to years and a lot of patience to master, but the reward is well worthy.

Each serving of hand-pulled noodles is made from a piece of dough pulled and stretched many times. The result is chewy, springy, and delicious noodles that soak up all flavors in the broth. Normally, a soup of tomatoes with a chicken marsala recipe is perfect for these savvy noodles.

Are you interested in knowing how these state-of-the-art hand-pulled noodles come to live under the hands of noodle masters? Have a look yourself!

The art of making noodles by hands.

43. Har Gaw

Har Gaw
Har gaw is bursting with flavors as you bite into it.

There’s a reason why many cooks praise har gaw as the most popular type of dumplings in Chinese cuisine. Har gaw is technically a shrimp dumpling seasoned with sugar and salt wrapped in translucent skin.

The beauty of this classic food comes from its simplicity yet divine taste. When you bite into this juicy dumpling, you’ll feel the crunchiness and sweetness touching the roof of your mouth. Most people eat these pockets of food with traditional dumpling sauce or some chili oil.

44. Hot Pot

Hot Pot
Shared hot pots will keep you well-fed and beat the cold this winter.

Though you may have eaten hot pots everywhere in the world, this interactive meal is native to China. The concept of which is quite simple. There’s a pot of simmering broth set in the middle of the table, and raw ingredients are placed and cooked inside.

Depending on the region, there’re lots of hot pot types, but meat and seafood are normally the centerpieces of the meal. It’s warm, filling, and is easily catered by the ingredients that you combine into it. Eating hot pot on long-lasting chilly days with your loved ones is nothing better.

German Foods With H As The First Letter

If you’re willing to change your palate, be ready for some exotic foods from German cuisine. For a country that’s pretty big on their potatoes and meat, let’s try some of their amazing recipes beginning with the letter H.

45. Harzer

German Harzer Cheese
German’s harzer cheese is a healthy item without skimping on the flavor.

If you’re a big cheese lover, harzer is worthy of a spot on your must-try bucket list. This sour milk cheese is named after the way it’s made of. With a slightly sour flavor, semi-hard texture, and a unique smell, harzer is a culinary icon that the Harz mountain citizens take pride in.

Normally, the cheese is best to be eaten purely on a slice of dark bread, accompanied by some pickles or butter. Given that it’s packed with protein and low in fat, this old German cheese can be a part of a healthy diet that you’ll come to love.

46. Hasenpfeffer

Hasenpfeffer is an old German stew that involves a rabbit or hare being soaked in a heavily seasoned marinade before being braised. Due to the marinade and slow-cooking process, the meat tends to burst and flavors and have an amazing fall-to-the-bone tenderness.

It’s a hearty, filling meal that can warm you up for a chilly night. Most people serve this rabbit stew atop some mashed potatoes or German dumplings, garnished with a bit of sour cream for an extra dimension of taste.

Are you eager to try out this delicious German stew? Find out how to cook up a pot of hasenpfeffer from a chef here!

How to make hasenpfeffe.

47. Hedgehog Slice

Hedgehog Slice
No-bake hedgehog slices are a dream come true for every chocolate lover.

Before you freak out, there’re no actual hedgehogs in this food. While it’s arguable where the name comes from, this classic German dessert is no doubts a timeless treat. It’s a delightful combination of chocolate, biscuits, and coconuts.

This no-bake dessert is super easy even for beginner cooks to master. With the right balance of ingredients, it yields a crunchy, firm, yet decadent texture. It’s the kind of sweet treat you can have up your sleeve for packed lunches or whenever you crave chocolates.

48. Himmel Und Erde

How can this classic recipe taste anything other than wonderful when its name literally means Heaven and Earth in German? The basic ingredients for this dish include mashed potatoes, apples, turnips, and blood sausages, usually covered in crispy fried onions.

While Himmel und Erde doesn’t really have a stunning visual, it’s a scrumptious dish to savor on. It’s a versatile dish that’s presented either as a side dish or a hearty main course. If you ever take a visit to German, don’t miss this delicacy while you’re there.

With potatoes from the ground and apples that grow on trees, this is how Himmel und Erde come together.

How to cook up Himmel und Erde.

Greek Foods That Begin With H

As a part of Mediterranean cuisine, Greek food is best known for its healthy and rich nature without skimping on the flavor. Do you want a take on this melting pot of cultures? Here’re some appetizing Greek recipes to put on the table tonight.

49. Hilopites

In those busy days where you just want the food on the table with little prep time, hilopites come in to save the day. These are traditional Greek egg pasta cut into small squares. Usually, hilopites are served with Mizithra, but there’s more than one way to enjoy these tasty bites.

From the humbles ingredients like tomatoes or fried eggs to serving with scallops, these savory recipes will make you fall in love with hilopites. Season it to the taste, garnish with coriander, parsley, or other coriander substitutes if desired, and you can have yourself a Greek dinner.

Do you have some hilopites in the fridge? Cook up a wonderful meal with the following guidelines right here.

Easy tutorials to make Hilopites – lemony Greek pasta.

50. Horiatiki

Greek Salad Horiatiki
Famous summer salad horiatiki with veggies and a big slice of feta cheese

Horiatiki is a popular salad in and outside of Greek cuisine. This recipe is a blend of fresh ingredients like tomatoes, onions, cucumbers, all dressed in olive oil or peanut oil substitutes and topped off by a full slice of feta cheese that’s unlike any crumbled salads you usually see.

This salad is most commonly served from early spring to early fall, which explains why it’s one of the most liked summer dishes in the country. It’s refreshing, satisfying, and delicious enough to make a light meal on its own or a delightful side dish besides crab cakes or chickens.

51. Horta

Horta Traditional
Yes, you can prepare some horta with greens that you pull from the garden.

In old Greek cookery, horta refers to the type of edible greens that Greeks cultivate from their own gardens and cook. Nowadays, this simple veggie dish can be prepared with any type of leafy greens.

The veggies are boiled or steamed, then dressed with a generous amount of olive oil. Horta makes an excellent side to chickens, fishes, and other main courses. Asides from being absolutely delicious, it’s the kind of fresh and healthy dish to smash your fitness goals.

52. Hortosoupa

Hortosoupa is a Greek version of hearty vegetable soup. It’s an adaptable dish that’s often made up of onions, cabbage, potatoes, celeries, and almost any veggies that you have in the fridge. These ingredients are either presented as a whole or finely diced to cater to taste.

Thick, full of flavors, and healthy, hortosoupa is a simple fine dining dish that you can make at home. Lots of people enjoy the delish soup with a splash of lemon juice or a slice of bread that perfectly soaks up the flavors to fill your stomach and put a smile on your face.

Treat Yourself To Scrumptious Meals!

That was everything about foods starting with H that I recommend you trying out for the time being. While the list is still ongoing, you don’t necessarily have to give them all a try today. Take your time and enjoy the culinary experience.

Whenever you need a boost your spirits and lift your moods, one of the recipes above are sure to keep you well-fed and put a smile back on your face. Have you experienced other delicious foods beginning with H?

Is there any secret or trick you’d like to share regarding one of these recipes? Please feel free to have your say and share in the comment section right down here.

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