about me

Hi. My name is Jill. I'm in my late 20s, recently moved to central Connecticut, and work at a slightly interesting job with lots of perks.

I've been gluten free since about 2005. My mom and one of my sisters are both gluten free. I don't feel bad about being gluten free, you shouldn't either. There are plenty of delicious things that are naturally gluten free, and some good gluten free products. I post recipes that are gluten free that I think are delicious. 

 I'm married to this guy:
His name is Alex and he is Hungarian. His family lives in Hungary and Slovakia (which used to be Hungary). 

We also have a dog, named Puff, and a cat, named Battlecat. 

The camera I use is a Nikon D60. I have a few different lenses I use. Mostly I use a 35mm fixed lens, but also 55-200 and 70-300 mm macro lenses as well as the 18-55 mm lens that came with the camera. I will not show you a picture of my photo set up, because it's a mess. 

My favorite cookbook is the Joy of Cooking. I have four different editions. 

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