Monday, November 14, 2011

Thanksgiving leftover recipe #1 - Stuffing dumplings

Hi! So Thanksgiving is in like, a week and a half. Are you ready? I bought a really big turkey. I made a practice batch of stuffing the other day, and made dumplings out of the leftovers. If there's one thing I love, it's dumplings. I've been making them a lot lately, since we've been eating a lot of soup and trying not to get sick. Anyway, I had leftover stuffing, and chicken and gravy in a box, and made this! Hooray.

Stuffing dumplings and leftover Thanksgiving things in gravy

Leftover turkey, cut into bite size pieces
leftover vegetable things (I used carrots and celery and onions and mushrooms)
1 c gravy
1 c water or wine or stock
2 eggs
1 T melted butter
1/3 c flour mix
2 c stuffing

Combine the turkey, whatever vegetables you have, the gravy and the liquid in a pot and bring to a simmer. Cook for about ten minutes. Beat the eggs in a bowl, stir in the butter and flour, then stir in the stuffing. Using two spoons, shape into dumpling shapes (like quenelles) and slide into the bubbling gravy. Cover the pot, turn down the heat a medium-low, and cook about 15 minutes, flipping the dumplings halfway through.
If I was making this for breakfast, I might poach some eggs alongside the dumplings. Just sayin.

Oh and here is a picture of what my life is like now:


  1. Love the picture of your sweet little puppy :)

  2. I love portraits from the rear view. They can be just as expressive as portraits with a face. And in this case, it's sure true: Puppy exhaustion from all that energy expended in just being a puppy!

    Can't wait to hear about Europe and see some cool photos.