Sunday, November 13, 2011

Salted hot fudge

Alex and I went to my moms house yesterday to introduce her to the puppy. You know, this puppy:

He's pretty great. Anyway, my mom liked him even though she pretended she didn't, and then we ordered Chinese food and made hot fudge. Then we had ice cream sundaes for dinner. This is extra easy, and extra fast, and super good. My mom used Baker's chocolate, but I used Scharffer Berger because it was on sale. I accidentally doubled the salt which turned out to be a great idea. So delicious. You can halve this recipe, but I made the full recipe because a can of evaporated milk is 12 oz.

Salty hot fudge

1 1/2 c evaporated milk
2 c sugar
4 oz unsweetened chocolate
4 T butter
1 t vanilla
1 t salt

Heat the milk and sugar to a rolling boil, then stir in the chocolate and remove from the heat. Beat with a whisk until the chocolate is all melted, then whisk in the butter and vanilla and salt. Keep whisking until butter is melted. Don't worry that it seems liquidy, it'll thicken up as it cools. 
Makes about two pint size jars mostly full (about 24 oz). 


  1. I love salted candies, this sounds delicious.

    Also, please keep posting recipes of your puppy. I don't even need a recipe, you can just post pictures of him if you like. ;)

  2. Ahh! Just realized I asked for recipes of your puppy. No way do I want that. I'm looking for "Hey, that tastes good, also here's my adorable dog!"