Monday, September 19, 2011

See ya!

Hey guys, Alex and I are going on vacation! By vacation I mean going to Europe to visit Alex's family, with a side trip to London and a quick stop in Iceland on the way home. I am excited. See that picture above? That's from me doing a cartwheel in front of Westminster Abbey sometime in the mid 90s.
Anyone got any gluten free restaurant recommendations in London, Budapest, or Reykjavik?
See you guys soon!


  1. Sophie5:03 AM

    The Carluccio's chain does nice simple Italian food and has a gluten-free menu. No pizza, but there's a wide selection of gf pasta dishes as long as you don't mind that it might be penne, whatever the menu description says!

  2. Anonymous8:38 AM

    Many choices in London. Bella Italia is also a chain with GF options - pizza and pasta. Most restaurants have heard of GF and either have a menu or can tailor something.

  3. Oh my gosh! Have fun. We were in Budapest and London this summer. I didn't have any trouble at all in either place. I have been to Budapest three times and found all kinds of safe places to eat. If you like Indian food, London is the place! I found a great spot for pasta and pizza too but I can't remember the name. Might have been

    Do be cautious if you go to Cafe Gerbeaud, one of the more popular coffee houses in Budapest!I got different information from different people each time I went. My favorite place in Budapest is Castro Bistro a really great Serbian spot at Madach Imre ter 3.

    Try this blog for some London ideas:


  4. Betty3:01 PM

    Have fun! I hope the food you find is delicious. :)

  5. Anonymous1:16 AM

    Wagamama is a chain in London that is very GF friendly. Also, Cotto in London is amazing for GF food. They have tasty pizzas, pastas and a ridiculous Tiramasu. We had breakfast at the Mandarin Oriental where they had GF bread for toast.

    If you ever travel to Santa Barbara, visit for GF restaurants!

  6. Anonymous9:27 PM

    Ok, so dish - how was the trip? Any gf recommendations?