Sunday, June 5, 2011


Things are going to be quiet around here. Alex and I bought a house! We've been working on it and moving and working on it. We're living out of boxes for a while, see above picture of our porch. So there will probably be a lack of posts over here, but check me out over at our home renovation project blog I started! Red house blog, linked here.

See you soon, with delicious treats once we get things unpacked enough for me to cook/bake!


  1. Anonymous9:50 AM

    What a cute house! You can have that plywood portion repaired inexpensively and quickly! Call a flooring installer or refinisher and it will be gone! Same thing happened at my parents' house after their death. Stained around the the rug, broken in the middle. The fellow who was going to refinish the floor had it repaired so quickly and well that I couldn't tell you where it even had been a mess! Recommend you call someone for an estimate, I think you will be surprised at the cheap price!

  2. Awesome awesome awesome! Congrats!!