Sunday, January 16, 2011

Noodles with tofu and vegetables

This was supposed to be 'fried rice stick noodles' but I think I changed too many things, plus our wok isn't very non-stick so the noodles just got stuck. Then, the noodles got too cooked and started to fall apart so I gave up and it's just noodles with tofu and vegetables that aren't crispy at all. They're still delicious!
Noodles with tofu and vegetables
Loosely based on Mrs Chiang's fried rice stick noodles in the book Mrs. Chiang's Szechwan Cookbook

8 oz dried rice noodles
4 c boiling water (approx, enough to cover the noodles)
5 T gf soy sauce
1 t cornstarch
1 box tofu, cubed
5 scallions, diced

All the vegetables you can find, diced and sliced (I used broccoli, carrots, zucchini, mushrooms, and onions)

1/2 t salt

2 T oil
1 t chili oil
3 t sesame oil

Pour the boiling water over the noodles and let sit for 5-8 minutes until softened. Drain and rinse in cold water and set aside. Combine soy sauce with the cornstarch and toss with the tofu and half of the scallions and set that aside too. Toss the vegetables into your hot wok, then add about 1/4 c water and the salt. Cook until the vegetables are softened. Scoop them out, then heat up the oils and toss in the noodles and the rest of the scallions. Cook for a minute, then dump in the tofu, and vegetables. Cook, stirring every so often, over high heat until the noodles break up a little and everything is hot. Serves 4-6.


  1. Anonymous9:38 AM

    I love the addition of chili oil to add some kick. You vegetable combo is pretty appealing. I have a bag of green beans in my fridge I've been looking for inspiration on and I think I've found it! Thanks.

  2. Oh my goodness! I love your blog! I came across it on Carol's Gluten Free Blog Community post. Boy am I happy I did. You take fabulous pictures. Can't wait to read through all of your recipes.

  3. I love stick noodle stir fry. This looks delicious!

  4. speaking of chili oil, I made my own last week! I just sauteed/simmered a handful of chili flakes in some vegetable oil for 10 mins or so. very spicy. I imagine you can't keep this on the shelf too long or you'll get botulism (or is that just with garlic oil?)
    also, woks are never non-stick! they get non-sticky because it's SO HOT and because you use oil. if you're having trouble with crispy tofu, then don't add the marinade/sauce until after you've already fried/crisped it.