Thursday, January 20, 2011

A delicious snack (real fast)

I love polenta. Usually I make the instant kind, but when I'm feeling super, duper lazy, (what? me lazy?) I buy the pre-made kind in a tube. So lazy. It's not bad, especially when you bake it at high temperature and it gets all crispy. Something else I love is sesame salt, or gomasio. I buy the kind with garlic in it, like this one. It's very good over kale chips. I combined my two loves and came up with a good snack. For extra healthy-ness, I used the prepared polenta that has quinoa in it. Oh and I also used some leftover regular polenta, which is why my snack is different colors. Yours might just be one color. Yum.
Polenta snack

1 tube prepared polenta
1 t olive oil
2 T sesame salt

Preheat your oven to 400. Cube up your polenta, toss in oil, and sprinkle with sesame salt. Bake 15-25 minutes (depending on how moist your polenta is/how crispy you want it) and eat.


  1. healthy! and yum. good job

  2. This looks really good... I might have to try polenta.