Sunday, January 2, 2011

The best of 2010

Hi! Happy new year! I hope everyone had a safe and happy new year, welcome to 2011!

Let's start off with January. I finally got around to making Kale chips, which I love.

In February I loved this blueberry and cream cheese coffee cake.

March was when I ate a lot of franks and beans until Alex vetoed them. Then Alex had a birthday. 

In April, I discovered the delicious combination of Udi's bread + Sunshine burgers. We ate a lot of these, because we moved out of Philly and to central Connecticut. Hooray! 

In May, we went to a lot of farmers markets and ate a lot of springtime vegetables, like fiddleheads. Connecticut is great.  

In June, I remembered about how much I love peanut noodles. And tofu. And summer.

In July, we ate eggs Benedict. Oh wow. Now I can poach eggs without worry.

In August, Alex and I went on a road trip vacation, I rekindled my love affair with film photography, and I found out that I love love love tres leches cake.

In September, we came back from vacation and I finally made brussels sprouts hash. I love hash.

In October, I played around some more with tres leches. It was a big year for wet cakes for me. This one was chocolate. !!!!

In November, I went to General Mills and met a bunch of bloggers, made a Facebook page, and made chocolate pecan pie. I will never go back to regular pecan pie again.

In December I made the best cardamom bread for Christmas at my Moms. I will make this recipe every year.

This year I hope to blog more. What kinds of things would you like to see this year?

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  1. Anonymous9:20 PM

    Thanks for all your recipes, and your pics!

    I stumbled onto your site a few days before Christmas.

    So glad I did! I made the Blueberry cream cheese coffee cake, and the wonderful dinner rolls! My family was so impressed! :)

    I have made the rolls into a loaf of bread twice
    with great success. I use water instead of milk. To compensate, I added one extra tablespoon of oil, and another egg white.
    I also used sorghum, instead of teff.
    I can't thank you enough! My loaf of bread looks, and taste better than Udi's bread! :)
    My family thinks so too!!!!
    My daughter-in-law who isn't gluten free, said she liked the rolls better than gluten rolls.