Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Our honeymoon!

To follow up with the post I made about the wedding a week or so ago, here is the story of our honeymoon. The two nights after the wedding we stuck around Amherst, where the wedding was, and stayed in a lovely B&B, Delta Organic Farm. We had family things to do so we missed breakfasts, but did pick some strawberries on our last morning. They were tiny and perfect. Then on Monday we drove out to Boston and took Alexs mom to the airport, then camped in Gloucester. We were one of very few people at the campground, it was very cool. This was a theme our whole trip, most places were empty because the season doesn't start anywhere until the middle or end of June.
The next day we drove up to Maine, stopping in Portland for some supplies and then having dinner at Bucks Naked BBQ, where we ate a few years ago. They rub their meat with spices and serve the sauce on the side, and from what the waitress told us most of their food is gluten-free, except obvious things like cornbread and anything fried, since they have a shared fryer. This is the smoked meat chili, which has all kinds of stuff in it.

We were going to camp that night but it was pouring, so we stayed at a cheap hotel. The next morning we hopped on the ferry to go to Monhegan Island. My dad had taken my mom here when she was pregnant with me, so it was really cool to be there.
We stayed at the Island Inn, which was very cute. The people were super friendly, and we spent a lot of time playing board games and reading on the couches they have downstairs, while it was raining.
Monhegan Island is really cool. There are no paved roads, no streetlights, and the ferries coming over are just for people, no cars. There are only a few places to eat, only one swimming beach (it was way too cold in June for swimming), and only part of the island is built up. It's beautiful. We are one night at the Inn's dining room, and it was expensive, but so good. I had steak with lobster on top and bacon wrapped scallops, while Alex had lobster bisque and a whole lobster. Oh and we had dessert. I had creme brulee, Alex had blueberry pie. It was so good.

We spent one whole day hiking all over the island, which was great. The interior of the island is all silent woods, and we only ran into maybe six people all day. Then you reach the other side of the island and it's dramatic high rocky cliffs and so beautiful.

The architecture in Maine is so awesome. It's all old and Mainey.

While there are ony a few places to eat on the island, there is a place that knows about gluten intolerance. This little place called the Novelty makes pizzas, salads and sandwiches. Alex got some delicious pizza, and I got this fantastic salad. Really maybe one of the best salads I've ever had. They make gluten-free pizzas on tortillas, but they were out of tortillas when I went.

Also on Monhegan? A shipwreck. Totally cool. Well, except that maybe people died on it, but leaving the ship there is neat.
After Monhegan, we went camping! We drove down to Hermit Island, which was awesome. The first night we got there late and couldn't get an ocean view campsite because they were all full, but we got this cool lakeside one instead. Camping is so awesome.
The first night camping at Hermit Island Alex cooked dinner. We had scallops and salmon and some other things that were delicious. And we had plenty of boxes of wine leftover from the wedding! Food when you're camping tastes so much better.

Hermit Island is awesome. It has a number of beautiful, sandy beaches, which are too cold for swimming in in June, but the weather was so nice we lay on the beach and read for a while. I love the beach.

The second and third nights we spent at Hermit Island were at an ocean view campsite. Some of the sites are right on the beach, or the beach paths, but we were at the end of the world. We were at the end of the campground, near the nature trails, on top of a cliff. Over the rock that the towel is on is a cliff face. Our tent was up on some rocks behind the site. It was so beautiful.
It was too rainy to cook for part of the time we were camping, so one day we went out for lobster. I'm learning about lobster. I tried to crack it myself and ended up shooting it across the table at Alex and knocking over some drinks. Luckily the restaurant wasn't busy, so no one really saw. See that lobster in the bucket with the corn? Underneath her is about a billion steamer clams and mussels. It was a huge meal. That was so delicious. The good thing about Maine is that most of the seafood is steamed and served with butter, so it's naturally gluten-free.

After Hermit Island, we spent a night in CT at the family house, and then came back home. I wish we were still honeymooning, it was so wonderful.


  1. gorgeous pictures! especially love the first one - what an amazingly sweet picture!

    sounds like and looks like it was a blast! congrats!

  2. Oh that makes me so nostalgic! I grew up in Maine and Monhegan Island is a place I adore. My father was a banker and had to go out for some business once and I got to go with him- it was a long boat ride but so memorable. I remember our boat had to wait because the tide was so low, we didn't know if we would be able to leave.

    Looks like an awesome honeymoon!!


  3. Sounds awesome!!!! Aside from this never ending rainy spring/summer we're having in New England...

  4. Hey,
    Just came across your blog - great pics! I grew up on Monhegan and was married out there in June, 2002. I now update a Monhegan site - ironically I just posted about island weddings and rain. Feel free to comment on your island honeymoon and / or post some of your lovely pictures if you are willing to share them...

  5. This is wonderful!! I loved reading all about your trip - we are currently planning a trip to Maine and this was totally helpful!! Maybe we'll even stay at the Island Inn!! Hope you had a wonderful honeymoon!!


  6. Congratulations! You both look so cute together!


  7. Monhegan is wonderful. I spent a summer in Maine doing a marine biology internship and we went out to the island for a day. It was one of the highlights of my stay in Maine. I totally agree about the water being too cold to swim. I'm from Arknasas and the entire time I was up there I basically froze.

  8. Awesome pics to capture the wonderful honeymoon. You look like a very in loved couple.