Friday, July 10, 2009

Drunk cherries

I love fruit, but maybe you remember I can't eat them raw. I can eat fruit when it's been cooked a little, or frozen, or processed in some way. We have a cute little farmers market down the street from me once a week in the afternoons, so I stopped and picked up some cherries. It's cherry season! I thought about cherry pie, but thought I'd give you a break between pie/tart things.

Instead, we're having drunk cherries. I cleaned the cherries, left them with their pits, and made a liquor simple syrup. They're sitting in the fridge for a few days, but they can stay there for a few weeks. If these last that long in your house. Eat them out of the jar, in cocktails, spooned over some angel food cake, over ice cream, or just in a bowl with a little cream and some cookies on the side. This is also something easy and quick that would make a good hostess gift, if you're looking for something besides a bottle of wine or a cake.
Drunk Cherries

2 1/2 c cherries, pitted or with pits, whichever you want
1 c sugar
1 c water
1/4 c orange liquor
1/4 c tequila or rum
1 t vanilla

Wash the cherries, and fill up a quart sized jar with them. In a medium saucepan, combine the water, orange liquor, tequila, and vanilla. Heat over high heat, stirring occasionally, until the sugar is dissolved. Stop stirring, let boil for 2 minutes, and pour the hot syrup over the cherries. Cover and let sit in the fridge for a few days or a week, then enjoy when you need a little pick me up.


  1. Those looks so wonderful!



  2. I just bought cherries from my local farmers market too! A bit too many cherries, actually so this is great way to use them up!

  3. Emily3:37 PM

    This is total genius! And I'm thinking pitting them would allow the syrup to soak in even better. Will try and let you know how it goes!


  4. I will definitely be making these this week! I wonder how they would be with Kirsch - would that add an extra cherry zing or would it just be gilding the lily, I wonder?

    Did you mention why you can't eat raw fruit? Is it allergies?

  5. Anonymous6:30 AM

    This looks fabulous.In simply it looks wonderful.


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  6. I remember as a child my Dad would make these when they were ready to pick or at the market. They kept for years in the closet. My brothers and I would sneak them for a treat. I don't remember if he used sugar, but sure do remember the grain 190 proof he used. Will be making some this year for gifts to my children this Christmas.

  7. Anonymous3:03 PM

    Do you know how long these will last before they go bad in the fridge? I'm thinking of doing some for Christmas gifts eventually, but will have to make them about a week in advance.

  8. When I make black forest cake, I make something similar (but use a mixture of rum, kirsch, and chocolate liqueur) for the cherries in the cake. I always make extra for snacking -- they're great with ice cream! And I keep the liquor the cherries have been soaking in, in the fridge, to use again -- or put in martinis. ;)