Monday, June 29, 2009

This post is not about food

Instead, it is about a non-food gluten-free item I fully endorse. Speedball inks, for block printing and other things, are gluten-free, and it says so on every tube of ink. When I first bought them, I thought that was a little silly. Why would something you're (hopefully) never going to put in your mouth advertise being gluten-free? Then I thought about it. And used it. I do my art projects downstairs, and we only have the kitchen sink down here. Sometimes I have a few dishes in the sink when I need to rinse off my blocks or brayer. Sometimes I get block printing ink on my dirty dishes. Maybe sometimes I might not wash them super duper well, or maybe sometimes I still have some ink on my hand when I eat something. Never on purpose, but come on guys, no ones perfect. Plus, I'm a big mess, so when I am doing art projects I get ink all over. Some of it might be absorbed into my skin. It makes me feel better to know that I'm not glutening myself with something like ink. Plus, you can use it with your kids and not worry about them accidentally putting a little in their mouths.

Thanks for putting my mind at ease, Speedball.

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