Thursday, May 7, 2009

Grilled tomato, feta and ramp salad

I spent this past weekend in Amherst, Massachusetts, visiting my mother and accomplishing a ton of wedding stuff (countdown less than 1 month!!). There is always good food at my mom's house, and this weekend was no exception. Her boyfriend went out when we were cooking dinner and foraged some ramps. If you don't know about ramps, they're delicious, related to garlic. I love garlic. I love little cherry or grape tomatoes when they're cooked, the sweetness just comes out and if they're whole they pop in your mouth and are so good. Especially when paired with a ton of garlic. I know I wrote about roasting them a month ago, but grilling them gives them a little bit of a smokey flavor, which pairs perfectly with the creamy feta and bite of the garlic and ramps. 

Grilled tomato, feta and ramp salad
This can also be done in the oven if you aren't grilling

2 pints of cherry or grape tomatoes, rinsed
a small bunch of ramps, about 5 or 6
a few cloves of garlic, pressed/minced
1 T olive oil
one small onion
1/4 c crumbled feta
salt and pepper
1 T balsamic vinegar

Mince the white part of the ramps, then combine with the garlic and olive oil. Toss in the tomatoes, then stick them all on skewers. Slice an onion, then toss in the rest of the oil-garlic mix. Skewer the onion, then toss the ramp leaves in any oil leftover. Bring the whole mess out to the grill. Grill the onions first, as they need the longest amount of time to cook. When they're starting to soften and char, add the tomatoes. Grill them, turning once, until slightly charred and softened. Grill the leaves very quickly, just until wilted. Take the tomatoes and onions off the skewers into a bowl, and add the feta, which will soften a bit with the warm vegetables. Roughly chop the ramp leaves and add them, then sprinkle with salt and pepper, and drizzle balsamic over. Toss, and serve immediately while still warm, or chill and serve later. You might want to double the recipe, because everyone I've served it to wants seconds. 


  1. This is how all food should be

  2. Anonymous5:36 PM

    Oh so nice to find someone else who loves ramps. There's a really fun ramp festival in Elkins, WV, every year that we go to - they grind them up in beef to make hamburgers. They're about disgusting-looking because it turns the meat neon green, but oh, they're so good. But now I'm sad because I'll either have to bring my own bun next year, eat it "animal style" or do it at home, which isn't near as much fun.