Friday, April 24, 2009

I can't stop eating

Good news. If you haven't heard, General Mills is making some more varieties of Chex gluten free! They're out here now, but all over the place in June 1st. I'm sooooo happy. I've only bought honey nut so far, and I can't stop eating them. Seriously. I have to hide the box from myself so I don't eat them all. Other varieties that are rumored to be coming are strawberry, chocolate, cinnamon, corn, and one more I forget. General Mills gets a billion million points for swapping out the one thing that contained gluten in their cereal (barley malt). 

Sorry I haven't been around lately, I was visiting family and doing wedding stuff, and enjoying the weather. Alex's mom comes from Slovakia next week, so we're busy trying to clean and unpack and get things ready for her. I will try to be here as much as possible, but I'm getting married in a little over a month so I'm all over the place! I hope you guys are enjoying spring. And Chex!


  1. pupok8:38 PM

    Are you having a gluten-free wedding cake? I'm getting married in a week (aaah!!!). I got diagnosed with celiac in the middle of the wedding planning when I had already picked out the cake. My baker is going to make a few gluten-free cupcakes for me but I didn't want to mess with the cake I had already picked out!

    My fiancee likes to joke that I can have my cake but not eat it at the wedding. :)

  2. Wow, just over a month? Congrats!

    And the Rice Chex...I'm SO jealous! For some reason, Rice Chex aren't available in Canada. I've managed to get quite a few boxes from friends when they go the the U.S. (We live close the the border), but now with other! lol

  3. My local grocery store has the gluten free rice Chex, and yes, I have been eating them more than is healthy. Chex - it's what's for dinner!

  4. I've had the GF Rice Chex and just recently saw the GF Corn Chex at our local grocery store. Great to have these options! I'm going to try to make cornflake (except with corn chex) crusted tofu sticks! Yum!


  5. Hi Jill,

    Which Philly grocery store did you find the honey nut chex in? I've been keeping an eye out at the groc stores but haven't spotted it yet (I'm in Philly too).

  6. I live in South Philly, so all these places are down here:
    I've found the honey nut ones in the Superfresh on Delaware Ave, Target, and Acme at 10th and Passyunk. That Acme also has strawberry chex, which don't say gluten-free, but have molasses instead of barley malt (which is what GMills changed to make their chex gf) and I ate a whole box without problems! I'm still waiting on the other flavors. I haven't looked anywhere else, though. Your Acme or Superfresh should have some, they're on sale at Acme this week for $2 a box!!

  7. pupok- I'm having gf pies for my wedding, and I'm baking them myself!!