Sunday, March 1, 2009

Oven baked potato pancakes with horseradish sour cream

Since I'm trying not to fry anything anymore, and when I decided to make potato pancakes today I had to rethink my regular recipe. Well, not rethink the recipe itself but more rethink the style of cooking. Wow, did my potato pancakes turn out well! The inside is soft and creamy and flavorful, while the outside is so crispy and perfect. I will make potato pancakes like this again for sure! They are best served immediately, I like to alternate bites, one with horseradish sour cream, one with applesauce. 

Oven baked potato pancakes (latkes)
1 T olive oil
3 medium-large sized potatoes
1 small onion, minced very fine
2-4 cloves garlic, smashed in a press or minced fine
a big pinch of salt
1 egg
3 T rice flour (or mix) 
1 t baking powder

Preheat the oven to 425. Line a baking sheet with foil or a Silpat, and spread olive oil all over. Wash the potatoes, then grate two with the large holes of a box grater and then grate the last one with the smaller holes. Rinse potatoes, then press in a strainer (or between paper towels) to remove as much liquid as you can. Mix potatoes with onions and garlic, add salt and pepper, then moosh egg in with your hande. Sprinkle flour and baking powder over, then mix in with your hands until completely combined. Drop blobs about the size of golf balls into the baking sheet and smoosh them down with your hands. Bake 20 minutes, flip, then bake another 15 until brown and crunchy. 
Horseradish sour cream
1/2 c sour cream
2 T horseradish
salt and pepper

Mix everything together and stick in the fridge until time to eat. 


  1. Anonymous8:19 PM

    Half way between a potato pancake and a potato kugle.... yum. Basically I love this idea.

    They look lovely and I can't wait to try it out!

  2. Like the idea of this! I almost never fry anything now and try to use the oven instead.

  3. Anonymous9:45 AM

    Like the baking idea MUCH better than frying... Even though the ones I fried two weeks ago were delicious, they were *very* heavy-feeling, and I bet this technique would help out a lot! :o) Thanks!
    Have you tried putting the grated potatoes into a pot of cold water, to separate out the potato starch, and using that instead of flour?
    Worked wonderfully for me!

  4. Anonymous6:51 PM

    You are a great cook and I love your blog!

  5. I decided to switch to oven-baked rather than pan-friend and found your blog. thanks for a straightforward easy to do recipe! the latkes are in the oven now!

  6. Baking these right now and watching the oven eagerly!