Sunday, February 8, 2009

Kettle Cuisine soups

When I first got to my moms house, I got an email from a woman over at Kettle Cuisine, a company that makes frozen soups. Kettle Cuisine sells regular, all natural frozen soups and have a whole bunch that are gluten free. She was wondering if I'd be interested in tasting some. Sure, I said, and had her send them here, to my moms house. The soups arrived a week or so later. 

The portion sizes seem kind of small, but upon testing them, they're  the perfect size for lunch. The flavors I sampled were chicken soup with noodles, Angus beef chili with beans, and chicken chili with white beans. 

How were they? Delicious. The beef chili is thick and tomatoey, a little bit spicy, with nice sized hunks of meat and beans. My mom thought it should have been a bit spicier, but I liked it how it was. The chicken chili came next. I liked it better than the beef chili, surprisingly. It was spicy, but not overly so, and full of delicious stuff that I don't remember but it was so delicious. Today we ate the chicken noodle soup for lunch. Neither my mom or I were expecting much from the chicken noodle soup, but were impressed. This soup had big chunks of chicken, vegetables, and nice thick noodles. 

Overall verdict? Awesome. I wish they were sold in stores in Pennsylvania, but my lucky mom can pick them up at her local Wholefoods. We actually bought her some today to eat while I'm gone, some of the other flavors we didn't try. She is going to let me know what she thinks. Look for them in the freezer section of your grocery store (Wholefoods, Wegmans, check out the website for locations). 


  1. They had this soup in a cafe I worked at in Cambridge, and it got me through many a day. I remember enjoying the 3-bean chili, and the lentil varieties. That was probably before they sold these frozen in the supermarket, I think they used to be only foodservice/wholesale.

  2. Anonymous10:24 AM

    They are sold at Wegmans! I know Mt. Laurel and probably Cherry Hill has the soup. I haven't tried them yet but I may have to now.


  3. Big thumbs up for the potato/mushroom soupo!

  4. I LOVE Kettle Cuisine but they are very expensive (at least for me). It looks like a large serving or maybe two but a lot of what you see is packaging. At over $5 for one small serving, it's really too much.

  5. Akahn-

    Glad you like Kettle Cuisine. I have news for you: the Three Bean Chili you mentioned is going to be apart of the frozen soup family later this spring! That way you can get your fix without going to the cafe. Kettle Cuisine is also coming out with a Roasted Eggplant and Tomato Soup. Both new additions are vegan vegetarian--I hope you like them!


  6. Hi, I found this blog because I love Kettle Cuisine soup and I'm trying to find where I can get it! It was served at the dining hall at BC, where I went to school, but now I'm on the search for other places that serve it (as opposed to supermarkets that sell it frozen). akahn, what cafe did you work at? Does anyone else know where this delicious soup is served?