Thursday, January 15, 2009

Quick lunch soup

It is cold, if you live in the Northern half of the world you might have noticed. Inspired by this post at the Kitchn today, I whipped up some soup. I had been envisioning something delicious with rice noodles and eggs, but I forgot to use eggs, and there weren't any rice noodles at my dads house. There was, however, leftover white rice. This took maybe 10 minutes start to finish, and filled me up quick, and I bet Alex will be jealous when he sees this. Sorry, baby.
Vegetable and Shrimp Soup
Obviously this will take longer if you don't have leftover rice, but if I were you, and you have rice noodles, I'd just use those instead. Boil some water and pour it over the noodles, then let sit for 3-5 minutes until they're soft. Toss with some sesame oil to keep from sticking.
Makes 2 servings, half or double as you wish.

4-6 raw frozen shrimp, thawed
1 chunk of broccoli
1-2 cloves of garlic
1 t minced ginger
1 zucchini, chopped up
1 chopped jalapeno (or sub 1/2 t chili flakes)
seasoned salt
1 T soy sauce
1 t rice vinegar
3/4 c cooked rice
1 1/2 c water

Chop up your shrimp, and cut the broccoli into small florets. Heat up a little bit of oil in a small pan, and add the broccoli, garlic, ginger, zucchini, jalapeno or chili flakes, salt and pepper. Cook 3-5 minutes over medium heat, stirring occasionally, until vegetables are cooked. Add the shrimp, and cook another minute or two until pink. Add the soy sauce and rice vinegar, rice, and water. Stir everything together, bring to a boil, and taste to see if it needs salt. I might stir in a bit of miso next time, and some peas.


  1. You were right pumpkin, I am jelaous! You know I love soups! It looks delicious, and your pictures are looking better every time.
    I am so glad you can eat more and more seafood.
    Can't wait till you come home and we can make dinner together!

    Love, Alex!

  2. This recipe is a good reason to freeze any leftover rice. Sometimes I forget I can do that, but when I remember it always comes in handy! Looks great--thanks!