Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Cornmeal fried oysters

I ate my first oyster on Thanksgiving last year. Since then, I've eaten plenty, but all raw. I love the slippery feel as they slide down my throat, the way they taste like the ocean, and how beautiful the insides of their shells are, while the outsides are so ugly and plain, I've never had a cooked oyster. What a waste! Why cook something so perfect as it is! I much prefer most of my seafood raw. But, since my dad suggested it (and he was paying), I figured it was worth a shot. Plus, the oysters that come already shucked are way less appetizing than the ones that are laying in their beautiful, pearlescent half shells. And, obviously, I liked them. Honestly, I'll eat anything fried (as long as it's gluten free). I'm a sucker for greasy, salty, bready treats. And this is a good one.

Fried Oysters

1 container shucked oysters, drained (save the juice for something else*)
1/2 c cornmeal
sat and pepper
oil for frying
hot sauce

Mix the cornmeal with some salt and pepper (you know, to taste, a big pinch of each) and dredge the oysters in the cornmeal. Heat up oil to shimmering (Dad used a wok, because we were making Chinese food next, but use whatever pan you'd like) and fry the oysters until the cornmeal starts to turn golden brown. Remove and fry any remaining oysters, serve immediately with little drops of hot sauce, and if you're like me and like salt, a tiny bit more salt.

*Suggested uses for oyster juice- make some soup, maybe with broth and potatoes and onions, add the oyster juice, and stir in some cream at the end, for a chowder that's got a tiny hint of oyster, or freeze the oyster juice and add it to some other soup, or use it to cook vegetables in, or add it to rice cooking water.


  1. Anonymous1:10 AM

    what are they like? chewy? still oystery? I've never had cooked ones

  2. I love fried oysters! I always have them in Jap restaurants. THey taste so good in batter!

  3. D- They still taste like oysters, they're fried really quick so they're still slimey, but you can bite through them instead of cramming the whole thing into your mouth. I like them.

    Pigpig- I've never had them (or even noticed them on the menu) before!

  4. Mmmm yeah. Fried food is my frienemy.

  5. I don't like oysters myself, but my husband and my son do so I recently made cornmeal fried oysters. (My son is GF like me, my husband doesn't need to be.) I found a recipe online and my husband and son said they were the best fried oysters ever. The recipe I used called for draining the oysters and then letting them sit in one beaten egg (for a pint of oysters) for 10 minutes. Then breading with cornmeal and just a little GF flour mixed in, before frying. They looked lovely, like yours, when finished. And, your recipe is the best IMHO because it's naturally gluten free ... no specialty ingredients required. :-)