Sunday, December 28, 2008


Remember how I broke my leg six months ago? Well, when I was walking Puff with my mom and her dog, Biscuit, on Christmas morning, I slipped on some ice, landed on my leg wrong, and, surprise surprise! Broke my leg. Again. Same leg. 

The good news is that I didn't mess up any of the previously fixed bones, and it should be quick to heal. Hopefully I'll still be posting, but maybe not as frequently as I'd like. And, I'm missing this month's Daring Baker challenge, I'm super bummed. I had planned to make mine Christmas day, but ended up in the hospital and then a little zonked out on pain killers for the rest of the day, not in the kitchen. I did, however, have a really good holiday up in Massachusetts, it was wonderful to have Alex there with me and my family. And I'm not in a lot of pain. 

Cross your fingers for me that there are no broken bones in '09!


  1. Bummer! Sorry about the broken leg! One of the twins broke his hand in a freak accident too! Hope it heals fast!

    Happy 2009!

  2. Oh Jill, I'm so sorry! I hope this recovery is faster and less painful. Does this effect the wedding plans?

  3. Thanks, Ingrid and Joy!
    I really hope this won't effect the wedding plans, if I end up losing my job I'm not sure what will happen with the wedding plans. Ugh, wish us luck!

  4. Oh no! That's not what you wanted for Christmas! Hope it heals really quickly and you're back at it soon, I enjoy your recipes!

  5. oh no! i hope you heal speedily. have you been checked for osteoporosis and osteopenia? a lot of celiacs have bone density problems. many good wishes.

  6. Ohhh dude.
    I'm so sorry to hear that happened! And on the worst day...

    Sending good 'get well' vibes your way!

  7. Jill, I miss you and love you too. I'm so sorry you're going through this again. I was so bummed out when I read this.
    We need to catch up.
    When is the wedding again?
    Feel better yo.

  8. Anonymous12:53 AM

    NO WAY.
    NO WAY!
    I did NOT just see crutches on your blog!

    BUT JILL!! You're supposed to be dancing in the kitchen with your love!

    OH! Girl! What a major bummer!
    I sure hope the pain is MUCH less and we wish you are SUPER speedy recovery!

    Ay Ay Ay!

  9. BytheBay- I'm getting a bone density test as soon as I go to the orthopedist.

    Everyone else, thank you! I hope I heal quickly.

    Frankie, June 6.