Sunday, December 21, 2008

Happy Hannukah!

Alex makes the best potato pancakes of any one I know. I do most of the cooking around here, but potato pancakes are a special treat when he makes them. They're so good. Of course I made him make them tonight, it's the first night of Hannukah! 

Latkes (potato pancakes)

3 large Russet potatoes
1 onion, diced
2 T garlic, minced
1 t salt (or more)
a good sprinkle of pepper (we use the pepper grinder so it's not measured)
1 t paprika
1 egg
3/4 c rice flour
Oil for frying
Peel the potatoes, then grate two of them into a bowl of water using the regular sized holes (larger) on your grater and then grate the other potato using the small-holed side of the grater. Rinse the potatoes, squeeze out any excess water, and add the rest of the ingredients. Work everything in with your hands until well combined. Heat 1/2" of oil (we use a cast iron pan) and take a small handful of potato mix and squeeze as much liquid as possible out while smooshing the potatoes into a pancake. Slide into the oil, and repeat. You will be left with a gross puddle of sludge, get rid of that. Yuck. Drain latkes on paper towels and serve, sprinkling with a little salt if you wish, and try to remember to have some applesauce or sour cream on hand too. I always forget. 


  1. These look AWESOME. I love potatoes.

  2. Those look really good! There area few tips there that I hadn't ever tried, so will do that the next time I try to make potato pancakes. Thanks! :)

  3. they look absolutely perfect. happy hannukah, i love you!

  4. Happy Hanukkah! I got contaminated at mine! Your celebration looked stellar!

  5. Anonymous7:15 PM

    Yum Yum Yum..I BET he makes these good...being from EE! :-)

    I Hope your holidays went well.
    And I don't know what the up to date news is..because I have been skipping around your blog, but congratulations on your engagement Jill & Alex!
    Love & Light