Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Blueberry maple breakfast sausage

Now that I'm stuck at home for a few months (again), I'm eating breakfast more. Breakfast is usually some sort of potatoes and soft boiled eggs, but now sausage is being added since I made two pounds of it. Oops, I didn't think about how much two pounds of sausage is. The good news is that I put it in the freezer, in little patties, so I can remove portion sized pieces and not waste it. 

My sister Dana and I like to put maple syrup on our sausage. Is that weird? I don't care if it is weird, it's delicious. I went ahead and put the syrup into the sausages here, but I still like to drizzle some on top since I really like syrup. Like that scene in Elf where Will Farrell asks for the syrup to put on his spaghetti, and then pulls some out of his sleeve. Except I don't put syrup on pasta. 
Blueberry Maple Breakfast Sausage
This takes maybe 5 minutes to throw together and will feed you for a while. Recipe can be halved, and adjusted to your preferences.

2 lb ground pork
1/4 c maple syrup
1 c blueberries (I used frozen), chopped up
1/2 t salt
1/4 t pepper
1 T sage, chopped up if fresh (or more to taste)
1 t chili flakes (optional)

Mix everything together, then form into patties. Two pounds of meat makes about a dozen and a half small patties. Fry as many as you need, with a tiny bit of oil in a pan over medium heat (about 10 minutes). Freeze the rest, layered in between wax paper until hard, then transfer to zip lock bags or wrap individually (or in pairs) with plastic wrap. Thaw in the fridge overnight for the next day's breakfast. Serve drizzled with syrup. 


  1. These look delicious! Thanks for sharing.

    PS - maple syrup on sausage (or bacon) isn't weird at all... it's my favourite part of any pancake breakfast. :)

  2. Anonymous9:21 PM

    I LOOOVE maple syrup on sausage!!!

  3. WOW! Those flavor combinations look really interesting. I am really looking forward to making these.