Wednesday, November 26, 2008

What I am thankful for

Thanksgiving is very soon (minutes away) and this has been the longest, longest, longest day-before-Thanksgiving in the history of the universe. Today was the end of the first full week of days I've worked in a row since my accident, so it was a very TGIW day. W for Wednesday. I rushed out of work after picking up two loaves of GF bread for tomorrows stuffing, met Alex, and raced up to Chinatown to get the bus. The bus company we usually use was packed, like can't walk down the sidewalk because everyone is trying to get on the bus packed. I remembered there's another company down the street so we caught one of those buses.

About twenty minutes into the bus ride we get a call from our friend who is Puff-sitting, saying he has broken the key to the house in the lock (but was able to pry it out with pliers) and was locked out, with Puff locked in. We tried to figure out everything we could, while our friend ran around and tried to find someone who would duplicate a broken key, or a locksmith we could afford, or how much it might cost to repair a busted door if someone broke down the back door, or a tall ladder to reach the second floor of the house (which might have had unlocked windows). Nothing. So as soon as we got to New York, Alex turned around and bought another ticket to go back to Philly (I'm glad round trip tickets are only $20) to rescue Puff and liberate the spare key from inside the house. He is running on five hours of sleep, and sent me on to my dads, because he knew I was about to collapse (my leg is strong, but I'm pushing it). In the morning Alex will catch one of the early buses, then the subway, then a train and meet me at my dads.

I am thankful I am lucky enough to have landed this wonderful boyfriend who I will be marrying in June. I've never met anyone with a heart as big as his, and I love him so much.

Oh, and of course I am thankful that my leg healed and I didn't lose my job and that everyone is healthy and happy and alive and that I am going to eat so much food on Thanksgiving.


  1. Anonymous3:50 PM

    Hi, I found your blog looking for a decent piecrust recipe!! It's very sweet, I like the dog stories (and the galette recipe :-D) If your crust holds up to mini-pies and galettes, it must be a good crust.

    I've baked for years, but only GF baking about a year. Hadn't yet tried pie crust- made one for Thanksgiving dinner. It was a recipe adapted (by someone else) from Rebecca Reilly's GF baking book. Reilly's recipes are great, fyi, I should have gone with hers. This one had sorghum subbed for some of the rice flour and lol- it was VILE. Not just bad- vile!!! Texture like cardboard, flavor off. I've noticed for things like scones (or perhaps piecrust? lol) that sorghum is just not right- rice flour is crumblier, better texture. (sorghum seems better suited to cakes or breads).

    Anyway- we made a joke of it, ate the pie anyway, which was mostly edible (the edge of the crust was the worst part)- and fed some of that part to the doggie- she liked it!! (a chew toy :-)

    This irritated me so much I'm baking another pie today, yes, post-Thanksgiving!!! Lemon meringue, using your recipe :-D

    Thanks!!! - Jane