Sunday, November 23, 2008

Orange Cranberry Sauce

I've posted about this before, but now I have better pictures. Plus I made it a little different. This is what we used to make in elementary school to bring home to present to our parents as our participation in the Thanksgiving meal. This is super easy to whip up, requires no cooking, and is my favorite cranberry sauce by far. Plus the best part of cranberry sauce is that it should always be gluten-free, naturally! I'm bringing this to Thanksgiving in case my dad doesn't serve anything else besides canned cranberry sauce (which I forgot people even ate). 

Orange Cranberry Sauce
3 c cranberries (can be frozen, or fresh)
1 orange
1/2 c sugar
2 T orange juice

Zest the orange, then cut and orange in pieces and cut out membrane. Chop the zest into small pieces. Combine in the food processor with orange pieces, cranberries, sugar, and orange juice. Pulse a few times until everything is mixed and there are no big chunks. Chill for a few hours and serve with turkey and stuffing and gravy!

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  1. Here's another recipe for cranberry sauce I've used a few times and love.

    I also learned exactly how gluten is created on this site to.