Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Happy Love-iversary!

Today is my and Alexs two year anniversary! We aren't celebrating much because he has school and worked this morning, but we're going to have a really nice dinner with our favorite champagne sangria, some sort of delicious roast, kale, and I'm making a special gingerbread cake with citrus cream cheese frosting (recipe tomorrow since it's too dark for pictures now, plus it's not done baking). Oh and we're having oysters. Alex and I wouldn't be nearly as in love as we are if we didn't both love food as much as we do. In a little over six months we will be married, and I can't wait. I couldn't ask for a better guy. So happy love-iversary! And no, we didn't let loose a bunch of balloons to celebrate, that was at a wedding we went to this past weekend. And the picture below is from May. 

I love you Alex!


  1. Anonymous4:46 PM

    congratulations, you guys are the best!

    champagne sangria recipe please?

    love, dana

  2. Anonymous8:06 PM

    well good, then I won't feel so guilty 'borrowing' the balloon photo

    Happy Everything to both of you!

  3. god i love him! and you, i guess. i was going to ask why you don't make a "bff 7 year anniversary" post but i guess all the bff fest 08 posts count. anyway! yay love!

  4. Happy anniversary!! I can't wait for recipes!! SOUNDS YUMMY!!

  5. I love you so much Pumpkin!!!!