Sunday, November 9, 2008


I forgot to tell you about something awesome in Milwaukee. A gluten-free grocery store!! It was so cool. The store is called Gluten-free Trading Company. Kelly and I stopped in on our way to buy books and hamburgers. I didn't get too much, but was really impressed with their variety and decent prices. They also ship groceries, so check them out!

One thing I picked up was a package of Garden Fields crackers. They were 99 cents, which is not a familiar price for me when buying gluten-free things. I was pretty skeptical, the crackers were really light and I didn't think they would be good for eating cheeses with, which is what I wanted to eat them with. Turns out I was wrong! These are great, plain crackers that hold up well to spreading of cheese and probably other things. They also don't fall apart like I expected them to, they seem so fragile but are surprisingly not. They are also vegan. If you see them somewhere, pick them up, they're good to have on hand!

3116 S Chase Avenue
Milwaukee, WI 53207

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  1. i'm glad that you remembered about the store right while we were in the neighborhood and were able to go!