Wednesday, October 15, 2008

LightFull Smoothies

One of the perks of having a food blog is that people send you things. I love mail, and I love free things. Before I left for my Chicago/Milwaukee vacation, I received a box of LightFull smoothies. The timing was perfect. I was spending 27 hours on a train and needed stuff to bring to eat. Smoothies that fill me up, in little tiny bottles? That are almost fat free, and are all gluten-free? Sweet. I brought a few of them on the train with me, and true to their word, they do get rid of those hunger pangs for a while. I didn't love the taste of a few of them, the fruit ones are better than the chocolate or coffee ones, but they definitely work in a pinch! Check them out if you need something portable and healthy for a snack on the go!

1 comment:

  1. Those sounds awesome! I wonder if they carry them at my co-op or if I'll have to check my Harris Teeter.