Monday, October 13, 2008

Delicious Burgers

Yesterday I tried on wedding dresses. And it was exhausting and kind of terrible. I tried on four dresses in the 'poofy poofy princess' store, and probably half the dresses in the store at another place. It was fairly traumatizing. Of all those dresses, I only really liked one, and it wasn't the dress. But it was a good one. The great news was that after we quit trying on wedding dresses, we had hamburgers. 
Great hamburgers. There's a place in Milwaukee called Kopps that's the place to get burgers in town. They serve huge (see picture above) burgers for fairly cheap and delicious milkshakes. That's pretty much it. There are fries and chicken sandwiches, but people come for burgers and shakes. Kelly doesn't eat burgers ever, but look how happy she is about eating hers!
I got a double cheeseburger, without a bun. This threw everyone off, apparently no one ever asks for that, but the grills are only used for burgers and grilled chicken and you could see your food being made. I trusted. I'm glad I did, becuase my burger was huge, delicious, and didn't make me sick. 

The restaurant is beautiful, a huge open space with little stand up tables and benches outside with a waterfall, which I forgot to take a picture of. It was really neat, I'd stop by if you're ever in town!


  1. hi! i too - tried on wedding dresses this weekend (only JUST got engaged - but my mom booked it for me) and found the whole thing weird & overwhelming! i liked one dress, sorta - need to keep looking, but it wasn't really as "fun" as I thought - and they all are "poofy" and too sparkly...

    anyway - good luck finding a dress! :)

    still need to make about 6 recipes I printed off your site, and haven't had a moment to do so.....

  2. I eat cheeseburgers without the bun too. Fortunately in San Francisco with so many people eating low-carb they more or less don't freak out when I order them this way. Yum.