Thursday, February 21, 2008


So my camera has been out of commission because I didn't have a battery, and now I'm unable to upload the pictures I took with my crappy old camera onto the computer for some reason. That camera is full of pictures (crappy ones) from the last month of no good camera, and now they're stuck. So, I apologize, I will make something good today or tomorrow and post all about it.
In the meantime, here are three new pictures taken with my good camera, of the flowers I got for Valentine's day from Alex, and of the cat and Puff. They've been lying around the house in the sun today.

ALSO in important news, Alex and I will be flying to Budapest on May 15th for a month of adventures, like meeting his family and no one speaking English! Any gluten-free travel tips appreciated, or hints on how to quickly learn Hungarian without an ipod.


  1. Anonymous4:50 PM

    without and ipod you'll NEVER learn hungarian! oh man, you're in trouble

  2. Anonymous5:07 PM

    i don't know the date of this, but it says there are two italian pizzerias that have celiac-friendly stuff, and some food allergy grocery stores!

  3. You don't need pictures to write and record your thoughts and recipes. They're nice, but it's just a lame excuse.

    love, mom