Thursday, December 13, 2007

Two of my favorite gluten-free products

One of my favorite snacks after work is these Dr Preagers fishies and Charley Biggs Apple BBQ sauce. I love BBQ sauce. I do not like ketchup one bit, I want to dip everything in BBQ sauce. This is a problem because most BBQ sauces I like have weird non-gf ingredients in them. I found his BBQ sauce in Maine, and thought it was something I'd never see again. I nursed the bottle, eating a little t a time, until it was finally gone. Then one day, I was at Wholefoods looking at the hot sauces and there it is!! Delicious, sweet, tangy Charley Biggs BBQ sauce. Now I don't have to order it from the internet like I thought I was going to. Yum yum. Dr Praegers also has a bunch of other GF products but I haven't had any of them. Before going gluten-free I liked their veggie burgers, but I don't think any of them are gluten-free. Bummer.

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