Wednesday, November 21, 2007

happy thanksgiving!

No serious post today, no recipes, just a quick note. Happy Thanksgiving. This is one of my favorite holidays, I get to cook as much as I want and make people happy. This year I'm hosting a gluten-free thanksgiving for my family/friends/loved ones in my house here in Philly. I've been planning my menu for weeks, I started cooking yesterday, I'm so happy. I'm in my element. We've got plenty to drink, a few people coming over, and I've got enough food to feed an army. Not everyone I wanted to come could come, but it will be a great time. I can't wait. Plus, my amaryllis is flourishing, I can't get plants to flourish inside. Ever.

Have a good holiday, I'll be back to write all about it and with plenty of pictures, as well as a recap of my weekend last week in NYC seeing my sister and having a surprise(gluten-free!!) Thanksgiving at my dad's.

We're having: turkey, 2 gravies, 3 cranberry sauces, 3 pies, 2 stuffings, 2 potatoes, 2 vegetables, bread and cheese, and plenty of drinks. And who knows what else. I can't wait.

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