Saturday, October 6, 2007

NYC trip, other stuff.

I haven't been on the computer in a while, it's become summer again. Stupid Philadelphia. It's October and 90 degrees. Last week I went to NY to see my sister, and have a nice dads-side-of-the-family dinner, which my dad nicely made all gluten-free.

I brought the gingerbread cake I made, with a cream cheese frosting, and it was a huge hit. I hung around NYC while my sister was at work, had a fantastic breakfast from the Union Square Wholefoods of grapefruit, iced tea, peanut butter and some sort of GF sesame bar that was great dipped in peanut butter.
I got New Grist beer, which was decent, really sweet and light but not bad. At my sister's apartment we cooked a gluten-free, vegan dinner of tacos, with corn fritters and fried tofu.

The corn fritters were made with the egg omitted, and beer instead of water. They were SO good.Sorry no recipes in this post, it's 90 degrees again. If anyone has any information they can share with me about opening a bakery, or finding a commercial kitchen I can share, email me at jillelise AT gmail DOT com. Also also, I got a bag of GF goodies from a nice lady through my roommate from the Dietitians of America or something conference last week, I'll post a bunch of product reviews soon.


  1. Anonymous11:16 PM

    WOw - That CAKE... OMGawd.... Ok.. I'm off to hunt the recipe down on your site (fingers-crossed in hopes that it's here) ...

    ... and the pup! CUTE!!!!!!

  2. that cake is the gingerbread cake from the previous post! I just frosted it with a plain cream cheese buttercream frosting. It's excellent with ice cream and whipped cream as well.

  3. i mean the post before the gingre jam post. oops!

  4. I made your corn fritters, vegan-style, but didn't have GF beer so I just used water. I put red pepper flakes into them because we were bringing them on our bike trip & I didn't think that dipping sauce was a good idea. and used cilantro & some onion. I also added some more flour because they seemed too gloppy. they came out really nice! we ate most of them in the car on the way upstate and had a couple (squished, greasy, room-temperature ones) leftover for breakfast the next morning. delicious! everyone agreed! success!

  5. good! I'm glad you and your vegan friends liked them! yum!!!