Saturday, October 27, 2007

corn dogs, homemade gluten free!

I love corndogs. Dip anything delicious in a cornmeal batter, deep fry it, and I'm sold. I got the idea from kate's oven baked version, but being the unhealthy girl I am (love you, mom) I wanted the traditional, fattening, fried ones. So, I whipped out my trusty Joy of Cooking and promptly adapted the recipe there to gluten-free. I tried it again yesterday, this time slicing the dog pieces almost all the way in half and slipping a little piece of cheese into the hole. That was also very delicious. But, my pictures are of hotdogs without cheese in them, so that's the recipe I'm going to post. Maybe later I'll update.

Gluten-free Corndogs
1 cup plus 2 T cornmeal
1/2 c glutenfree flour mix
1/2 t xanthan gum
2 T sugar
1 t salt
3/4 c buttermilk
2 T milk
1 egg
1/2 t baking soda
4 hotdogs, cut into thirds

Whisk all ingredients except hotdogs until smooth. Rest 10 minutes. Heat 3" oil to 375 (shimmery). Pierce hotdogs with skewers, coat with batter (I found I had to spread it with a knife, like frosting). Fry til golden, drain on paper towel, and keep warm in a 250 degree oven until ready to serve.


  1. Anonymous1:18 AM

    OH! Love this! =)
    And... I think I may just have to come over - sounds like we could definitely do dinner together easily! =)

  2. You should eat vegetables! How's your cholesterol level?

  3. kate - any time you're in philly!

    ma - i'm eating vegetables for dinner today! my cholesterol is great, remember when i went to the doctor over the summer and got an a+ on my report card?

  4. Anonymous11:42 AM

    i made these last night, they were deliiiiicous, in a lowbrow sort of way. i had a hard time getting my batter to stick to the hot dogs, and mine looked a lot lumpier than yours, but i cooked & ate them while watching saved by the bell and it was so much fun. also, i put smoked paprika, mustard, cayenne, and garlic powder into my cornbread part (i was using these really bland chickendogs)

  5. Anonymous10:03 PM

    just made these! Delicious!!! I have been craving corn dogs and couldn't take it any longer - googled it and your post came up! Awesome!

  6. Awesome Jen!! This is one of my favorite (and rarely made becuase I eat way too many fried foods lately) recipes, I'm glad it worked for you!!

  7. Anonymous3:30 PM

    Perfect recipe! Thank you! The batter coats beautifully. If you like the crunchy texture, you can use regular cornmeal or use finely ground for a bit less texture.

  8. Anonymous10:59 PM

    Thankyou so much I Just found out my two year old son is gluten free and he loves corn dogs

  9. Anonymous2:40 PM

    as for the problem of the batter not sticking, I think I might have a solution. Leave the dogs out on the counter jst til rm temp, then take a ppr twls and dry them by drawing out as mch surface moistire as pssble, or a good ktchn twl cud wrk. Thanks 4 the recipe.

  10. Anonymous9:17 PM

    i am going to try these for superbowl sunday and i am so excited about it! i have read that rolling the dogs in cornstarch will help the batter stick. i'll be trying that. thanks for the recipe!

  11. Corn dogs were one of the few things I truly missed after being diagnosed with CD.

    I tried this recipe today and had medium success with it, probably because I never actually "made corn dogs before" (just heated them up in the oven).

    The batter is thick, but I worked that part out by the end - - did the normal trick of wetting my hands before touching the dough to smooth & thin it on the dog. I'll echo the comment above regarding getting the dough to stick to the dog: drying the dog and/or coating in cornstarch will help the dough adhere.

    I made a couple adjustments: I used honey instead of sugar (just a squeeze over 1T for the 2T sugar) which worked really well. And after the first batch I added 1/4 tsp onion powder to the batter to enhance the flavor which was just enough to be noticeable.

    I was less than successful when it came to frying. I fried on my stove top with a cast-iron kettle (la creuset to be precise - which is enameled) and used a candy thermometer to monitor the temp. I found the temp of 375 caused the outsides to get done too quickly, leaving the inside uncooked. So I had to finish cooking in my oven (which made them a little dry). 330 ended up being the magic number for me to get a completely cooked dog from the stove top.

    It was nice to have a corn dog again. Probably won't do it often since we rarely deep fry in the house but I truly appreciate getting recipe so I can do it again!