Thursday, July 5, 2007

blueberry filled cupcakes, tomato sauce from the garden for lasagna

Today was my day off and I planned to do laundry, make some Twinkie-like cupcakes (but with a blueberry filling) and lie around the house. It was pouring, so I didn't do laundry. I NEED to do laundry. Hopefully tomorrow. Instead of lying around, I spent the morning on the computer finalizing a layout for this site that I'm happy with. Then I moved to the kitchen, where I made stock (cleaned out the freezer), and made cupcakes. I keep bags of vegetable trimmings and meat bones in the freezer, and every few weeks I make a big pot of stock. It always comes out tasting just like how my mom used to make chicken stock, no matter what I put into it. Today I had three bags of veggies and the skin and bones from the other nights fried chicken, with some bay, salt, pepper, and rosemary. The house smelled so good.

Then I moved on to the cupcakes. I made a gf cupcake recipe from Gluten Free Baking Classics and made a basic buttercream frosting and mixed in a puree of blueberry and a little bit of sugar I had cooked a little bit (because I can't have raw fruit). I filled up my pastry bag, stuck the tip into the bottom of the cupcakes, and gently filled them with frosting. I stuck them in the fridge for a while, then took them out and frosted the tops with the rest of the frosting. They're really good, next I want to make real Twinkies with vanilla filling.

For dinner I am making a lasagna (all I can smell right now is cheese melting in the oven) with homemade pasta a la Bette Hagman, rolled thin and cut into big squares for lasagna layers. I cooked some ground beef in a pan, removed it to a bowl, cooked an onion in the remaining grease, with 3 cloves of garlic, and then added a big pile of cut up tomatoes from my garden. I added 1/2 cup of the stock I made today, cooked it down with salt and pepper and at the end added some parsley, then layered the pasta, meat, sauce, then shredded mozzarella cheese (I have yet to find a GF ricotta, and it took some hunting to find a mozzarella that didn't have vinegar) and Parmesan cheses. It's in the oven now, it should be done by the time I finish this post. Which, it appears is now, see ya!


  1. i want cupcakes! those look awesome.

  2. Your cupcakes look wonderful.

  3. Anonymous11:41 PM

    omg, mozzerella has vinegar??????

  4. You should've filled them up from the top so the hole could be covered by the frosting. Haha, looks tasty.