Saturday, March 10, 2007


Today I made bette hagman's recipe for pasta. I made a double batch and turned the dough into ravioli. First off, it was super easy and felt so good to be rolling out a dough again. I haven't made anything that I've needed a rolling pin for in a long time. Second, it was so delicious. I
made two kinds, chinese pork (I had frozen dumpling filling leftover from a failed attempt at dumplings) and spinich and ricotta with garlic. They were so good. Alex loved them, too. I made another double batch to use up the end of the ricotta spinich filling to freeze, they were that easy. My god. So satisfying. And a huge mess.

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  1. Hi !! Ravioli what a passion!!Tortellini are better !! I like your blog, I think I will come next. Ciao