Monday, August 7, 2006

Sum sum summertime

Its been too hot to do much besides hide in my room (we don't have central air, just AC in the bedrooms) the last week or so. I haven't attempted the macarons. I've cooked very little. I did make a perfect steak yesterday for lunch, though. Seared each side after rubbing with garlic oil and salt, then melting a pat of butter on top when its done. butter on steak, trust me. its good. i discovered this in France when restaurants, too panicked that they're harm me by flavoring some of my food with poison gluten, would serve me plain plain steak. sometimes there is no salt and pepper on the table, only butter to go with the bread. i would spread the butter on the steak and eat it like that.

In life news, I went to warped tour (for the first time since I was in high school) on Thursday - I've never been drunk for so many hours. It was a lot of fun. Last night, I went to see the Gorilla Biscuits at the starland ballroom. My bmx got stolen while I was in the show.

I went to the butcher this weekend and got a whole chicken, bacon, steaks (already eaten), chicken breasts, and oxtails. I'm going to make stew this week, as well as cornflake baked chicken and roast chicken.

Also, I ordered a crock-pot because I want to cook things while I am at work. I'm so lazy!

Sorry not much has been happening food wise. its too hot to eat much besides chocolate covered frozen bananas from trader joes and drink gallons of iced tea (I also went to the Chinese groc store and got a bag of fresh mint) as well as a coconut tapioca banana dessert I'm excited to try, and curry paste.

Cross your fingers for cooler weather!

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