Thursday, August 10, 2006

Rainy cloudy

I've been in slump. Last night for dinner I had popcorn, homemade rice crispy treats, homemade lemonade, and bruschetta. I think after squeezing (BY HAND) half a dozen lemons (ow, my hands) I kind of gave up. I made halfhearted mojitos, which were terrible. We only had bacardi dark, which is NOT delicious. Oh, Sailor Jerry, I miss you. I am sorry I went to the liquor store on south street that doesn't carry you.

Tonight I'm making oxtail stew, or going to sleep before we go to Sugar Mom's for half price burgers and drinks. Depends on what time I get home and how I feel. Maybe I'll just cook and eat the rest of the 2 pounds of bacon I bought on sat.

Lemonade- 1 c sug + 1 c water, heated for simple syrup. Add 1 c lemon juice. Add 4 c water. Add mint. Refridg. Drink.

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